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Sestao – Las Llanas

At the turn of the last century Bilbao and its satellite towns were essentially the blast furnace of the Iberian Peninsula. Such was the concentration of heavy industry, that many companies and local elders actively encouraged the formation of sports societies. 1.153 palabras más


San Sebastian. Zurriola

This place is beautiful. The town is beautiful, the cobalt-blue Cantabrian Sea is breathtaking, and the beach is wide and pretty long. I lived in the town of San Sebastián for almost three months and Zurriola was my almost daily stop for whatever I was doing, taking pics, watching the waves, going to surf school or just staying on the beach and reading. 254 palabras más


San Sebastian – Zubieta

One of the unusual aspects of many European leagues to the casual British fan, is the presence of reserve teams from some of the bigger clubs. 444 palabras más

Segunda B Grp II

Fútbol con Ignacio Benedetti, capítulo 3: La construcción de una selección

En esta nueva video columna, opino sobre la construcción de una selección, poniendo la atención en el caso de Venezuela. En tiempos en los que se habla de rotaciones o de onces fijos, creo que es importante tener en cuenta otra mirada. 16 palabras más


Getxo – Nuevo Gobela

Arenas Club de Getxo is etched into the history of Spanish football. You may wonder what this little club from the distinctly middle class district in northern Bilbao has done to earn such recognition? 1.636 palabras más

Segunda B Grp II