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The Basque Country: Euskadi - Travelling Video

Paying tribute to my hometown, Jeffrey Attoh shows you a breathtaking video where you can watch the rocky and green coast full of cliffs and charming fishing towns around the Basque Country and many more landscapes. 106 palabras más


Portugalete – La Florida

When you hail from a town where a bridge receives more recognition than your football club, you know that life is going to be an uphill struggle. 758 palabras más


Barakaldo – Lasesarre (1922-2000)

Where there is muck there is brass. Throw in rapid industrial expansion and there’s a good chance that a decent football team will emerge. The Basque town of Barakaldo had all of these ingredients at the turn of the twentieth century. 1.217 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

Christmas on the Camino del Norte

Over the Christmas break, I completed six days of the Camino del Norte, the northern route of the Camino de Santiago. The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. 1.650 palabras más


Where on Earth?!

I remember, I remember; a heady spring day when the pasture grass climaxed in the balmy air and the stout oaks cast their shadows over rolling hills.  988 palabras más

Artist Travels

Bilbao – San Mamés (1913 - 2013)

Is there a club more inextricably linked to its region than FC Barcelona? Well, the answer is an emphatic “Yes”. Travel to Vizcaya and you will see that potent symbol of Basque pride, Athletic Club de Bilbao doubling up as the national side. 2.374 palabras más

Gone But Not Forgotten

Vitoria - Ellakuri (Laudio)

It must be very difficult to establish a credible sporting challenge in a community that is exclusively the realm of one dominant club. This is the burden that CD Vitoria has had to carry throughout its 70+ years. 959 palabras más

Segunda B Grp II