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How to pronounce "txakolina" and other un-pronounceable Basque words

There’s an old joke about the Basque language that goes something like this:

“The devil came to the Basque Country and stayed for 50 years. He didn’t stay because he loved it so much, but because it took him 50 years to learn how to say, ‘Goodbye.'”

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Basque Football Laburpena: Week Twenty-Five

Athletic Club were facing the problem of relegation prior to Garitano’s appointment. It was a situation that raised the debate over the club’s policy and whether it was still sustainable in modern football. 1.745 palabras más

"Gerra hemen hasten da" / "La guerra empieza aquí" (2018): contra las armas en Euskadi

“Gerra hemen hasten da” / “La guerra empieza aquí” (2018): contra las armas en Euskadi

Este film valiente y militante depara para los amantes de la cultura y la sociedad vascas una sorpresa terrible y un motivo de alegría. 1.127 palabras más

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The Basque Country: Euskadi - Travelling Video

Paying tribute to my hometown, Jeffrey Attoh shows you a breathtaking video where you can watch the rocky and green coast full of cliffs and charming fishing towns around the Basque Country and many more landscapes. 108 palabras más