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How a fully electronic payment system can aid tax-related legal compliance, transparency concerns and the general public

Tax avoidance may seem attractive to high-earners, but tax evasion is a problem for all. Imagine, for one moment, an individual earning millions of US dollars. 335 palabras más

Before our life changes...

Avant que notre vie ne change…

Besoins d’évasion

Il me prend encore souvent des réels BESOINS d’évasion; un puissant besoin de prendre le large, de reprendre un semblant de contrôle sur ma vie; un besoin de m’échapper de mon quotidien, de ma condition de “laowai” qui n’a d’amis que virtuellement; un besoin de faire comprendre à mon homme que j’ai besoin de plus qu’une présence par ci et par là; un besoin de revoir des personnes qui me rappellent que ma vie est bien plus que ce que je vis actuellement au jour le jour. 487 palabras más



Silence, silence, everywhere,
But not a word to speak.
What shall I do when all I’ll do
Is hide when others seek?

Will they take my silence as a sign, 72 palabras más



It’s all it’s ever, ever been;
All I’ve ever known.
I try to tell myself that it’s a sin,
But that’s not something I’ve outgrown. 27 palabras más


Probe Uncovers GST & Service Tax Evasion of Rs 6 Crore by Gujarat-based Firms: Report

New Delhi: The Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) has detected tax evasion of Rs 6 crore by firms based out of Surat and Vapi in Gujarat and a tax consultancy agency, stated a report. 27 palabras más


Mexico Law: Government Can Steal Property / Assets for ALLEGED Tax Evasion

“Mexico’s elite are quaking after leftist lawmakers passed a new law that makes tax evasion a type of organized crime that could justify the seizure of assets even before judges rule on the validity of charges. 81 palabras más


28-Year-Old Man "Adults" His Way Into a Tax Evasion Charge

(Long Beach, CA) Whoopsie! Who knew things could go so wrong? Hi there, welcome to today’s story. Our subject today is a local man with nothing but love to give to the world. 470 palabras más