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Sunday Manners

It is human nature to define rules and then push those rules to firmly establish the rigidity of their perimeters.

This book is a compilation of three 1950s publications: 92 palabras más


What is Heaven Really Like? EWTN’s New Mini-Series ‘A Travel Guide to Heaven’ Will Console And Inspire Viewers At All Stages of Life

Are you having a hard time dealing with your own mortality or getting over the loss of a family member? I have a suggestion. Tune in to EWTN’s new six-part mini-series, “A Travel Guide to Heaven” with Host Anthony DeStefano, author of the bestselling book of the same name. 631 palabras más


"Done Roman" and Coming Home to the Catholic Church

Marcus Grodi’s pun for life could be “Done Roman” because when he was received into the Roman Catholic Church the former Protestant pastor had found his spiritual home and was finally “done roamin’.” Grodi was brought up in a nominally Christian home, trained as a chemical engineer and eventually, after a profound adult conversion experience, trained to be a Presbyterian pastor. 809 palabras más


What’s Wrong With Physician-Assisted Suicide? The Most Important Show You Will Watch All Year

It’s the next great battle and make no mistake family, our future as people, as a nation, and as citizens of this world and the next depends on it. 1.245 palabras más


Learn How To Answer Pro-Abortion Advocates in EWTN's New Mini-Series 'When They Say, You Say’

Wish you could respond to pro-abortion advocates in a manner that stands a chance of converting them?

Wish no longer! Instead, tune in to “When They Say, You Say” at 6:30 p.m. 1.057 palabras más

When You're About to Lose It: A Practical Idea for Parents

Lisa Popcak was having one of those days. She was fearful she was just going to lose it with her children. As a desperate measure, she winged up a prayer to the Blessed Mother. 284 palabras más