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Politically Correct in the Church - EWTN

Politically Correct in the Church – EWTN

Having just about complete control of the mass media, Masonry has worked hard to promote POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Today there is great pressure on people to be “politically correct”. 8.226 palabras más

Politicamente Corretto nella Chiesa – EWTN

Politicamente Corretto nella Chiesa – EWTN

Avendo quasi controllo totale dei mass media, la Massoneria ha lavorato tanto di promuovere la CORRETTEZZA Politica. Oggi c’è grande pressione sulle persone di essere “politicamente corretto”. 7.455 palabras más

Los Tesoros de la Iglesia -

Creo que todos nosotros debemos saber que la semana pasada en Florida, U.S.A., fuimos afectados por el huracán Irma; una tormenta como nunca antes había visto; era casi del tamaño de Colombia, mi país de origen. 809 palabras más

Nuestra Fé Católica



I had lunch with the “Bear” today, Bear Woznick!

Bear Woznick is a World Champion surfer, certified ninja black belt, and host of EWTN’s Deep Adventure radio program and featured on an EWTN reality-show special, Deep Adventure Quest. 69 palabras más


"And they'll know we are Christians. . . ."

The current state of the Catholic Church is appalling.  Recently, my alma mater fired the only professor that really opened my eyes – and the only person, sometimes, that keeps me in my faith.   836 palabras más


it is also penetrating in its directness

Source: Catholic Exchange

In this short article, K. V. Turley reviews Mother Angelic on Suffering and Burnout by the foundress of EWTN.

An image comes to mind.

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K. V. Turley

EWTN's 'Called and Chosen - Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno' Showcases Military Chaplain's Heroics On & Off Battlefield

EWTN  announced the premiere of “Called and Chosen – Father Vincent R. Capodanno.” This EWTN original docudrama depicts the life of a former Maryknoll missionary turned military chaplain, who died at the age of 38 on the killing fields of Vietnam administering the sacraments and pulling others to safety. 527 palabras más