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Crisis in the Middle East

On Thursday, February 19, I had the privilege of being on EWTN Nightly News with Brian Patrick to comment, from a Catholic perspective, on the crisis in the Middle East. 81 palabras más


Cursillo on EWTN

The first of two episodes, “Cursillo, Its Origins, Mentality, and Purpose”, will be broadcast on EWTN’s The Church Universal program on the following dates:
• March 8, 2015 – 5:00 p.m (EDT) 36 palabras más


Sister Cristina - Blessed Be Your Name

I love this song, and this version in particular, for many reasons:

  • Its message is “praise to the Lord – no matter what…” This is not just words, this is a statement right until its most costly consequence.
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My Life

ChurchMilitant.TV and Womynpreests Share Something In Common

Both neither trust nor respect the hierarchy, but yet each seems genuinely frustrated at the lack of recognition and assistance they so desperately desire. For different reasons, obviously, as one group is more Catholic than the other, but gosh that similarity is ironic, interesting, and glaring. 802 palabras más

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Security Concerns for Pope Francis in the Philippines

As excitement continues to build over Pope Francis’ trip to the Philippines – so do security concerns. We speak with a former U.S. Secret Service specialist Brian Gallagher to discuss whether or not Manila is prepared for this papal visit.

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Manila Family Has High Hopes for Pope Francis Visit

Pope Francis plans to deliver a message of hope to the Filipino people, especially the poor and marginalized. Our Susie Pinto visits a Manila Family with high hopes for Pope Francis visit.

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Bishop Hubert Mylo on Pope Francis in the Philippines

Pope Francis will be front and center of global stages. Bishop Hubert Mylo represents the Filipino Catholic Church in dealing with the media. Our Susie Pinto caught up with him in the Philippines.

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