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Watch 'You’re Amazing' on EWTN - And Join the Amazing Nation Today!

“Inside EWTN” has invited Justin Fatica, star of “You’re Amazing”, to join us as a guest blogger. Below is Justin’s first blog, which will follow the theme of each week’s show! 529 palabras más

Too Many Questions?

I got kicked out of Sunday school when I was thirteen because I asked too many questions! I wasn’t disruptive—at least I didn’t mean to be. 558 palabras más

Troops of St. George

We would like to invite you and your sons age 6-18 to join the Troops of St. George.  The Troops of Saint George is a fraternal Catholic nonprofit apostolate for priests, men, and young men looking for a life of adventure coupled with Christian chivalry, honor and virtue.   255 palabras más


The Problem with Sin, Part 1: Sexual Abuse

Earlier this week, a poster on the Bilgrimage blog said that an EWTN host said that the reason why adults having sex with children was a sin was because it was “non-procreative.” I wish I had asked this poster who the host was, because I don’t like reporting anecdotal stories like this. 1.285 palabras más

Birmingham Video

By Charlie Johnston

(Update – as it turns out, this is the raw video rather than the edited version. I will check to see if I can get a link to a Youtube that may be compatible with some systems that people are having trouble with. 345 palabras más


Admiration (Pleasure) as the Strategy of Satan no. 2

Let us return to the story of the First Fall, where we see the tempter enticing Eve to look; followed by the presentation of a politely-subtle consideration, regarding his spin on apparent pleasure to be experienced from an unholy act of disobedience. 548 palabras más

In Dialogue With Fr. Maurice