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arrogant catholics

Love is not boastful

It is important for Christians to show their love by the way they treat family members who are less knowledgeable about the faith, weak or less sure in their convictions.

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Pope Francis

My Jewish Mother

There is much ado about the Blessed Mother, although I am not quite sure why. As a non-Catholic, I never really understood why loving Mary was wrong. 701 palabras más


In 'Discovering Damien', EWTN's New Special, We Discover Our Best Selves

What if we could see suffering as a gift?

Leprosy – or what we now call Hansen’s disease – is one of the most dreaded diseases of all time. 984 palabras más


EWTN Celebrities And The Nutty American Spirituality. 

My wife loves EWTN. I myself have great admiration for its founder Mother Angelica and in my view was someone with a profound close relationship with God. 741 palabras más

Death of a Luminary: Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica, Founder of world`s largest religious broadcasting network EWTN passed away on March 27th 2016. She was 92 years old.

Birth and Early Life: 892 palabras más


Alabama unanimously passes legislature honoring the late Mother Angelica

IRONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama State Legislature unanimously passed a resolution honoring EWTN foundress Mother Angelica on Tuesday.

According to a press release from the EWTN, the resolution  notes that the death of the 92-year-old has left “a void in the lives of countless individuals worldwide, whose lives she positively impacted through her meritorious work and spiritual teachings.” 47 palabras más