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Chiapas: EZLN denounces the release of the murderers of Zapatista teacher Galeano

It is once again made clear that truth and justice will never, ever come from above.

From above the only thing we can expect is pretense, deceit, impunity, and cynicism. 382 palabras más

Human Rights

Conversations on community and autonomy

A Series of Discussions Convened by the Chiapas Support Committee, Oakland

The Chiapas Support Committee is presenting 3 events that will feature speakers who have been involved in or are learning about the creation of community and autonomy in different settings: Barcelona, Mexico City, and the Zapatista Territories of Chiapas. 471 palabras más


In shadows, they wait with the knives

The ongoing information war against Rojava1

This text2, deals with the problem of the image of Rojava in global media and mass communication. 5.319 palabras más


EZLN: Truth and justice will never, ever come from above


Mexico, August 16, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:

To the National Indigenous Congress:

To those below and to the left in the world: 1.254 palabras más


Hilary Klein: Women Are at the Forefront of the Zapatista Revolution

 After centuries of oppression, a few indigenous voices of dissent in Chiapas, Mexico, rose up to became a force of thousands – the Zapatistas. Hilary Klein’s… 2.110 palabras más