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Failure: an opportunity in disguise

Failure-a seven letter word that most people dread. By the definition “Failure” is the condition of not achieving the desired goals or ambitions in life. Whenever we hear this dreadful word the negtive vibes or one can say that dreadful things start to comes in our mind. 670 palabras más

Reading Nook

...why do I have to lose everything?...

Been a while…things’ve never been so bad. I’m barely holding on and became aware of that fact for the most ironic of reasons…

A good friend came to visit me last week. 52 palabras más


Just that half-beat behind?

Have you ever had a day where things just don’t quite line up? I am not talking about the days where nothing works and no matter what you do everything just goes sideways, no I mean those days where things are just… a tiny bit askew? 375 palabras más

Lunacy about the Moon Walk

Apparently the NYDailyNews has a 12 yo writing their tweets…
Posted by: Tami on A♠


— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) July 16, 2019…

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Current Events

A view from the sidelines.

Recently I bore witness to a competition of sorts, and the aftermath of the results.  Now, I say ‘of sorts’ because some people would consider the prize a punishment rather than a gift.  1.561 palabras más