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False Friends

¡Ojo al piojo!

This wonderful website teaches Spanish False Friends with regards other languages through drawings, videos, photos and some cool visual aids. Check it out! 39 palabras más


False Friends

Aren’t false friends wonderful? We talked about false friends very briefly in class today. However, we didn’t have nearly enough time to talk about all the false friends that exist between Spanish and English. 129 palabras más


Gaffe - Gafe

Gaffe – Gafe

¿Sabes lo que es un gafe en español? Sí, a menudo se dice que Isabel Pantoja lo es… o ese típico amigo que siempre se pierde las mejores fiestas cuando decide no salir. 41 palabras más

False Friends

Falsos Amigos

Pairs of words or phrases in two languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning.

You know those clichés about haters, two-faced friends and (my mum’s personal favourite) “not everybody who smiles with you likes you”?

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