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How to choose a child’s bed for the big-bed transition

A first adult bed is a big deal for any child. It’s a massive milestone moment for both you and them. It also means finally getting rid of that bulky cot! 641 palabras más


Path of least resistance


Michelle and I had another one of our marathon (2 hour) conversations last night. I got more than a little frustrated with her. She talked about missing our family, being a mother, how not being at the “first day of school” on Thursday had her in tears all day. 640 palabras más


Secrets of the Last Castle by A. Rose Mathieu

Welcome back Grace Donovan and Elizabeth Campbell, two characters who I have missed. These two badasses have a murder to solve in Secrets of the Last Castle and unfortunately this time around they are on opposite sides. 217 palabras más

Lesbian Romance


A Palestinian woman tells her son she loves him as he leaves their home
in much the same words as does the Israeli woman to her son. 131 palabras más


Tidbits: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

Earlier this spring, the Old Man and I went to a concert at a local theater.  The band was Neil Young with Crazy Horse, the theater was a historic building from the late 1930s. 165 palabras más

first day of school {august 2018}

The kids started school one week ago! I have to say there was much less anticipation leading up to the first day, unlike last year… 233 palabras más


San Francisco Zoo

Our yearly trip to the San Francisco Zoo. It’s going to be interesting to see how long the kids are excited to go. So far it’s still fun and they’re finally at the stage to learn some things about the animals but I know better than to assume that this will always be the case. 43 palabras más