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TDW2019 | Day 4 | Zeno

Precious Zeno for day 4!

I struggled to draw his hair because we haven’t seen his younger look unlike Kija and others. So, this is just my imagination of how he looked like. 89 palabras más


TDW2019 | Day 3 | Jae-ha

This day is for Jae-ha! I love him a lot. Though, well, I love all of the four dragons. I love Jae-ha because he’s such a brother figure to Hak — not an older brother, really, just… a brother. 327 palabras más


TDW2019 | Day 2 | Shin-ah

I managed to finish this one! I enjoyed doing this a lot! I think I managed to color a bit faster than when I did Kija. 139 palabras más


TDW2019 | Day 1 | Kija

There’s a Dragon’s Week 2019 event that starts now on Tumblr. There are lots of “week events” that happen there on various fandoms (a lot of times for ships, but there are times that it’s for the whole series itself). 297 palabras más


Aoba x Kou

Tsukishima Aoba x Kitamura Kou (Cross Game)

This one became a tiny picture because I messed up the dimension. I drew these small characters on a large canvas while it was zoomed in and I cropped it. 134 palabras más