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How to Age Gracefully

How to Age Gracefully

Aging is inevitable. Everyone is aging. But to some women, aging is done so gracefully. To some women who are ready to face aging, it does not always mean that they care less of their appearance, but that they are in a good mind to pick the right items for anti-aging purposes. 517 palabras más

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Can I Wear Trainers & A Suit?

Obviously trainers and a suit won’t work for a smart ‘smart’ office—and we’ve all seen our fair share of perfect suits ruined by clunky runners while commuting—but if you choose wisely and think about the partnerships and colours you can pull off this wide range of smart and casual styles. 178 palabras más


A Scarf That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

You can see more scarf styling and shop Alexandra’s new collection, as well as classic favorites, by heading to


Classic Stripes With A Bright Pop.

A big hello to all reading this, and I hope your weekday is going fine so far! Today, I’m writing about a fashion item that is very popular in most people’s wardrobes- a striped tee. 449 palabras más




The vision I had for this outfit was very dreamy, and when one thinks of dreamy they are reminded of pastels, and whites; both my favourites! 348 palabras más


Thanksgiving In July

Yes you read that title correctly! My family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in July to show Hortense, the French exchange student, how Americans celebrate. We had a full turkey and lots of other classics. 194 palabras más