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Need to FAX?

Fax all of your documents at the Centerville Public Library for only 0.25 cents a page! Best deal in Wayne County!

No Fax Machine Required

“Can you fax that medical paperwork to us asap?” the health insurance representative asked me. I was at home with an injury that prevented me from walking, let alone driving to an office store to get access to a fax machine. 305 palabras más


Radio Silence?

The ADM Technology blog has been a quiet place for the last few months, but rest assured that it hasn’t been a quiet time in the department.   680 palabras más

ADM Schools

Business Communication Methods

Business communication is a method of information sharing within an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. Business communication can be in the form of written and verbal communication. 440 palabras más

General Communication

Fax Marketing Is Valuable For Business ?

As we know that there are numerous method of marketing. Fax marketing is one of them. In early 20th century fax machines have been used for documents sharing like ads and flyers. 290 palabras más


Big Baby D.R.A.M

The amazing new artist D.R.A.M not DRAM is a definite breakout figure of this year. Known for his crazy , carefree, and captivating hit “Cha Cha” which involves Latin rhythms mixed with delightful sampling from Super Mario World, (I’ve already stated is one of my favorites) D.R.A.M has had an incredible 1 year being in the industry. 405 palabras más


Improvements to survey modes #PAPOR #MRX 

What Are They Thinking? How IVR Captures Public Opinion For a Democracy, Mary McDougall, Survox

  • many choices, online is cheapest followed by IVR followed by phone interview…
  • 497 palabras más
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