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Keeping In Touch

Not many of us had phones so it was not unusual to find a queue at the phone box. We had to trudge there on cold bitter nights and stand in a metal and glass box, the equivalent of a human fridge. 599 palabras más


Fax machine or projector

My wife and I had started talking about changing the girl’s room. Our youngest and middle children share a room. We have half a bunk bed in storage and our eldest was using the top bunk as her bed. 1.080 palabras más

Digital Kids

Fax Ad Campaign Idea

I’m just like you. Sometimes I simply sit back and think. Then creative thoughts start to dance in my head. During one of these mental checkouts an awesome idea for an Ad Campaign for Fax machines came into view.   34 palabras más


Remember when ...

8 years 6 months ill …

Physical: Advantage CBD / Mental: Deuce

I’m busy clearing out my filing cabinet. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry …. 36 palabras más


Letter's on Auto Loop

Back in the day, when fax machines were used extensively by corporates, a funny incident happened at my workplace. I remembered this earlier today, when I heard a ringtone that sounded like a fax machine’s answering tone. 340 palabras más

Everyday Moments


– Concepto

– Tipos de Telecomunicación

– Ventajas y Desventajas

– Historia de la Telecomunicación en Venezuela


El concepto de telecomunicación abarca todas las formas de comunicación a distancia. 1.538 palabras más


Applying The Great Internet Fax Service For Best Access

When you want to have a great internet access in your home, it will be important for you to consider some matters that relate with it. 379 palabras más