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Get the Fax (and Scan) at Your Library

Though fax machines and scanners may seem like ancient technologies to some, many organizations – such academic institutions and government agencies – still require faxed and/or scanned documents. 211 palabras más

General Information

Low cost mailing Las Vegas to China

Courier from Las Vegas to China is easy, The UPS (United Parcel Service) locate between Jone Blvd. and Spring Mountain provides the best price shipping from Las Vegas to China. 81 palabras más

Get a SMS when a fax arrives!


Many of our customers have their fax solution with us. That means that they get their incoming faxes delivered as a pdf  file (standard). Recipients can be an email address, a system or even a fax. 118 palabras más

Customer Cases

Resistbot helps tell your Congress-critter how you feel

Don’t ever let our so-called president off the hook!

❝ In the weeks following the election of President Donald Trump, tips for how people can voice their concerns to public officials circulated on social media and on Google docs.

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