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Using a Pi SBC with Shortwave Radio

Figure 1: The DIP socket in the little SDR board is populated for a BPF.

New Orleans Coast Guard weather fax operates at 4.317 MHz, so it is far outside of the default (7 MHz) filter bandwidth of the little sidecar SDR. 43 palabras más

Using a Pi SBC with Shortwave Radio

New Orleans Coast Guard weather fax operates at 4.317  4.344 MHz, so it is far outside of the default (7 MHz CF) filter bandpass of the BPF that I have in the little sidecar SDR. 57 palabras más

It's 2016 And I'm Buying A New Japanese Fax Machine


What did you do this weekend? I spent my Sunday here in Osaka shopping for a fax machine. No, a time machine was not involved. 936 palabras más


1835 - reservation by email: modern times on Athos?

I think there is no pilgrim who had no difficulties to make a swift and easy reservation to spend a night in monastery. The reason? They still use the oldfashioned fax. 319 palabras más

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Downtown Construction Update

Posted by DFP Staff

With over $100 million in transit-related construction taking place right now, downtown Fresno’s development boom is showing no sign of slowing down. 644 palabras más

Downtown Fresno

July 7, 2016 | Dream Journal | Church + Cher + Film Trailers + New Taco Bell Frozen Desserts = ?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice day in a slightly better-looking version of the City Of D, I was with my dad and my brothers KD and TD, and I remember us following our dad inside a building. 712 palabras más


Durood-o-Salaam Bhejne Ka Tareeqa

Ilaaqaa’i Sat’h Par Qaa’im Hone Waale Halqa-E-Haa’e Durood-o-Salaam Me Padhne Jaane Wale Durood Sharif Baa Qaa’ida Record Rakkha Jaa’ega.

Padhe Jaane Waale Durood-o-Salaam Kee Ta’daad Darje Dhayl Tareeqa Se Markaz Irsaal Kare’n : 54 palabras más

Durood-o-Salam Aur Azamate Mustafa SallAllahu Ta’ala ‘Alayhi Wa-Aalihi Wa-Sallam