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The Plot - Narrative Writing

In the ELA Writing paper of the SEA Examination you are sometimes asked to write a Narrative story based on three (3) given topics.

After choosing your topic, start thinking about the plot of your story. 154 palabras más


Top 10 Anticipated Films for the Rest of 2018

We are just past the halfway point of 2018 and it has already been a great year for movies. Box Office numbers have improved this year as a whole and we’ve already seen two movies break the Top 10 grossing movies of all time. 867 palabras más


Travel the Red Line to Berwyn for solid salads, succulents and shrunken heads

Amy Rutledge continues her series Riding the Red Line. Next stop: Berwyn.

CHICAGO — Jump off at the Berwyn stop of the Red Line and you’ll find yourself at the south end of the Edgewater neighborhood, and by heading a few blocks east you can bask on the beach, or head west to Berwyn and Broadway to find… 491 palabras más


Hot Weird Cross Weird, Kia Matanky-becker

Hot Weird Cross Weird

I’ve got these hot weird cross weird cumming complications  

The thing that turns me on is cruel manipulations 

So I’ll take your hands make you strangle me  66 palabras más



Please please, why can somebody not just enjoy live in this ABH?

They will shaa provoke you ni. Some people have specialized themselves in tormenting your already tormented spirit as if …as if there must never be peace. 1.598 palabras más