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[Profile] Park Shin Hye (박신혜)

Park Shin Hye


Entertainment Agency: S.A.L.T Entertainment

Debut Date: December 03, 2003

Debut Work: Stairway to Heaven 27 palabras más


[Profile] Park Bo Young (박보영)

Park Bo Young


Entertainment Agency: Humane Entertainment

Debut Date: May 10, 2006

Debut Work: Secret Campus

Website: parkboyoung 27 palabras más


[Profile] Min Hyo Rin (민효린)

Min Hyo Rin


Entertainment Agency: JYP Entertainment

Debut Date: June 11, 2009

Debut Work: Triple

Website: minhyorin 22 palabras más


[Profile] Lee Min Jung (이민정)

Lee Min Jung


Entertainment Agency: MS Team Entertainment

Debut Date: August 01, 2003

Debut Drama: Wishing Stars

Website: rheeminjung 27 palabras más


Called to Feed (Feb 2013)

(Originally posted February 2013)

I wish that you could be in my head today as I read for class…..

There is this thing I do, I cannot help myself. 842 palabras más


Weekend Trip To Waiheke Island

One long weekend in February we booked Cupids Cottage on Waiheke Island for a romantic countryside getaway. Waiheke is only about an hours ferry ride from Downtown Auckland and that sure beats waiting in heavy traffic for hours scrambling to get out of Auckland like everybody else (and also getting the same deal coming back). 329 palabras más

New Zealand

February 2015

To our church families and friends,

It’s February, the month of Love. This is the month that we celebrate Valentines day. As christians, we shouldn’t wait for a specific month or time of year to show Love. 343 palabras más

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