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Takut Kehilangan

Surat #7
Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016 (09.18 WIB)
Ini untuk kalian.

Ya, kalian yang selalu menanyakan soal ketakutanku kehilangan dirinya. Pertanyaan yang bahkan tak pernah terpikir di benakku. 185 palabras más


2/5 Hey guys

Soooooooo, clearly I’m back and alive, just incase anyone was wondering. I have been very very very (is that enough verys?) busy lately and I feel horrible about not posting in like… 2 freaking months. 97 palabras más

Cameron Toperzer

No McDonald's

From now until February 15th McDonald’s will not be including toys in their Happy Meals. Instead they will be including books. Even though their toys really suck compared to when I was a kid (so many hotwheels cars), it was literally the biggest reason I chose to go to McDonald’s. 162 palabras más


Whimsically Wonderings

Do people just turn on the water in a public restroom sink and leave it on after they leave to make people think they washed their hands? 9 palabras más


Holy Hakka Hell!!

… Batman!! this place is truly #1 as advertised… look at all that crispy Guyanese chicken w/fried rice (shrimp)… and, the best part… all in, … 87 palabras más


Life Update

Hello to a new series/idea on my blog. Last month I only blogged 5 TIMES! Seriously blog game was so weak. I promised more calm, just talking to ya posts. 328 palabras más


Recommending Completed Wattpad Books !

This is the part 2 of me recommending wattpad books that I’ve enjoyed and I think you guys would enjoy if you’re a Wattpad readers or if you’ve never read on Wattpad and you don’t know what to start with. 1.248 palabras más

Book Review