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Doma, School

Clix team and NIIT Instrictorr are helping for English Rollout in Doma, School.

Maneesh Sir,  share the login credentials for clix classes.


Kishore Sahu

In Govt h s s kathouli block kurud district dhamtari .
We felt glad to see the clic team ,Anusha mam & team yesterday


Niranjan Sahu

Today our students learned a lot. They beautifully recorded the story. They also responded with each other. Their answers about colours were excellent.
Mam Lavnya visited to our school with Vikram Ji and Dipankar Ji. 13 palabras más


Wadhwani Mam

Good evening Mam
I think the work of CLix field team is beyond appreciation

Today Amitabh sir,Brij sir and Dipanker sir helped me a lot… 18 palabras más


Exclusive: Kylie Jenner is allegedly pregnant!

It never ceases to amaze us that the Kardashians are constantly in the tabloids but this time it’s a bun in the oven and no it’s not Kim’s! 194 palabras más

Celebritea Gossip

Sparkle In The Rain Review - No 1 Magazine, February 11th, 1984

I have never seen this picture (used for the article) before. What the hell is the boy doing? Lol. And…erm New Gold Dream was UNDERproduced?! Was it?!

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