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Sports Gear Controversy at UHS

By Jared Battat (’17)

Contributing Writer

February 2015: Sports

      There has always been a sense of skepticism and uncertainty surrounding the topic of sports gear at UHS. 479 palabras más


Super Bowl XLIX

By Will Miller (’17)

First Time Writer

February 2015: Sports

      This year, like every year, millions of Americans across the country headed to the houses or apartments of friends and relatives to watch the New England Patriots play the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. 557 palabras más


Why Lisbon in winter is not the best idea! Photos of our family vacation (part 1)

We visited Lisbon at the end of February which was not the best idea we’ve ever had. It was cold, rainy and windy. My 1 year old daughter had to wear a wool hat and gloves. 404 palabras más


Is The year of Karol: February (Chapter 2) here yet?

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that The year of Karol: February (Chapter 2) has just been published on my Wattpad page. You can find it… 101 palabras más


Gentleman on a Cigarette Break, Geylang Serai

OK, smoking it not to be encouraged, I know, but this gentleman looked way cool. Must have been in his sixties, pushing seventy.

Walked confidently with his cane (didn’t look like he needed it) to the rock, sat down and lit up. 38 palabras más


Lost in the Highlands

Twenty years after Braveheart release, Veronica Ferrari explores the hidden heart of Scotland away from the tourist trail

“Here we are at the last stop. Out of the van, girls!” shouted Mike. 833 palabras más