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In the Garden: Mess or MUST?

This tale was originally published by Loret T. Setters on  February 1, 2013 at the defunct national blog beautifulwildlifegardencom. Click the date to view reader comments and find working links to other stories. 722 palabras más

Native Plant

6. Approach to the Old Square, Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Dark. Foreboding, Beautiful, Imposing. Prague was all of those things and so much more. In a way Prague felt like a completely untouched city. 106 palabras más

7. View of Sunset from Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic

Truly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. View of the castle in Prague from the Charles Bridge at sunset. 6 palabras más

8. The Pendulum

Prague, Czech Republic

This photo benefits from a bit of backstory. The sculpture is called the Prague Metronome and it was built on the site of a former statue of Josef Stalin. 221 palabras más

9. The Weight of History

Berlin, Germany

I can’t think of any other city I’ve been to where the history of city and the nation sits as heavily on the shoulders on everyone there. 162 palabras más

10. Amsterdam By Night

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think what I enjoyed most about nightlife in Europe was how it was more of an accepted part of city life. Entire streets would be closed to pedestrians, city centers weren’t designed for cars they were designed for people to walk. 130 palabras más

11. The Highest Room in the Tallest Tower

Vienna, Austria

Taken from the top of the dome of Karlskirche, this was a common site from viewpoints across Europe. Every landmark that had some vacant wall space would have hundreds of names, messages, and thoughts inscribed on them. 275 palabras más