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38: Guerilla

Date: February 7th, 2015

Who: Walk2Connect, Guerilla Art Walk

Where: RiNo District, Denver, CO

Reflections: Rachel Huilton of Walk2Connect has been leading these popular Guerilla Art Walks in various art districts around Denver for the past few years. 155 palabras más

365 Project

36: Siesta

Date: February 5th, 2015

Who: Me, Myself, and My Bed

Where: Home

Reflections: I’ve been able to keep a cold at bay for two weeks, many times using a slow walk as a tool in moving through it, yet this morning it finally hit hard. 115 palabras más

365 Project

The Adventure of the President's Half-Disme (1947)

Here comes the cousins’ foray into historical fiction, and while I never think the conclusion is worth talking about, since the journey is the adventure, I do think there was an alternate solution to this mystery. 271 palabras más

Reading Ellery Queen