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February 2017

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February’s insights!

February was a slower month, with only 7 books read.  It was also a busier month, with my birthday and my daughter’s at the start of March.   251 palabras más


Recipe of the Month: Gluten Free Coconut Macaroons

My father-in-law has Celiac. I also know several people who have wheat allergies (legitimately, not because of a choice to eat that way).

DISCLAIMER: a recipe is only gluten free if you prevent cross contamination in your household and if all of the products are free from gluten (I make no guarantees). 139 palabras más


Have a nice day

One simple little line, one thought, for today my friend…

Have a nice day.

Really nice. Eat your favorite meal, listen to your favorite songs, talk to your favorite people. 39 palabras más

My Bohemian Life

February Playlist

I absolutely love discovering new music so I thought I’d start doing monthly playlists almost like a music wrap-up of all the songs I’ve loved and obsessively listened to in the month so others can discover some music! 67 palabras más


Caraval Book Event - Collaboration Post!

(Tip for this post: anything in bold is written by myself – anything written not in bold is Sarah!)

This is a collaboration post between Sarah, from  785 palabras más


Day twenty eight of expression and creativity

Today is my final day of focusing on expression and creativity. I must say, I learnt a lot about myself this month and about how to ensure I continue to regularly explore my creative side (not to mention why!). 1.888 palabras más