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You’ll notice throughout this that I mainly talk about what happened and how I react, I do not talk about my feelings very much. This is because my feelings remained the very same. 425 palabras más


I Love That You...

Make me wanna write poetry,

Make me never wanna say never again.

I love that you are patient

I love that you are kind

I love that you are caring… 248 palabras más

Daily Motivation/Inspiration

Feelings of regret

Regretting right now is not the best moment. I regret a lot thinking, again and again, breaking their words inside my mind numerous times made me restless and depressed me a lot. 144 palabras más

What More I Want ?

What more I want

I don’t pursue happiness. Nor do I run after enlightenment. I have tiny times when I am content. That is when joy, like a dancing butterfly, enters and sits lightly on my soul. 105 palabras más



She longed for

deep conversations,

comfortable silences,

and witty retorts.

What do you long for?

– nm


How are you doing, really?

Today I am thinking of you and you and you.

Wondering how all of you are doing, really.

It’s been seven long months of this pandemic. 373 palabras más