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Light of the Pyres - a Prosery Tale

A piece of Prosery for Kim at dVerse Poets. Kim asks us “to write a very short piece of prose that tells a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end, in any genre of your choice. 243 palabras más

Creative Writing

30 Days of Writing and Publishing Tips - Day 14 Don't let these types of characters sneak into your story

Sometimes when a writer is so focused on developing their main characters, keeping the plot going and polishing the writing, they slip up and don’t spend enough time on making their secondary characters memorable enough, so that those characters end up as cardboard stereotypes. 503 palabras más


St. Claire: Part One

This story, originally called The League of Unfortunate Gentleman, is a piece I originally wrote years before I attended college. Although dated now by the flowery style of my writing, it is still one I enjoy for the mere atmosphere and setting in the story. 1.540 palabras más


QI'RA: Opening Crawl

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

ALL her life, Qi’ra has had to survive. Whether it be on the dank streets of Corellia or in the glamorous setting of First Light, finding the will to make it to each coming day requires great skill and smarts. 124 palabras más

Fan Fiction

THE ARCHIVES: Chapter 62

Red Light

Of course, our teacher made me drive first.
I crept down the road
at thirty-five in a fifty-five zone,
my heart pounding so hard I was sure… 91 palabras más



It’s been raining endlessly

I have forgotten how the sunshine feels

And how the rainbow looks

I have forgotten how warm the wood is

and how bright the fire is. 211 palabras más


Luther Sinn Goes Job Hunting

I am an Older American exempt from working as a reward for my previous yeoman contribution to the Gross National Product. Financing my uselessness as I tread closer to certain death is the dole disguised as Social Security from our socialist government. 345 palabras más