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Gana El Conocer Algunos De Los Artistas De Fiestas Patrias Con Metro PCS

Este Viernes llégale al Metro PCS del 3010 E Main St, Grand Prairie

Podrías ganarte el conocer a algunos de los Artistas de La Grande Fiestas Patrias 2015! 31 palabras más


Marching On

The sun was radiating despite it being July 24th and the middle of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. The teachers from Julio Ponce and I took refuge in the limited shade provided by the church’s concrete fence. 631 palabras más

Peace Corps

Bagua grande, because you deserve it...

It is a kind of adventure to go to Gran Bagua…

First, forget about the 12 transport companies your Lonely planet propose you because they are safe and clean. 372 palabras más


Itch, itch, scratch, scratch

As soon as we got back from Machu Picchu a couple of weeks ago I started to think about our next trip. Even though we are technically on one long vacation (I know, Sean, not you. 694 palabras más

Chile from Top to Bottom

Before I arrived in Santiago, I was hooked on watching Drexel student Jesse Rosenstein’s videos of his time here in Chile. (I know that usually refer to people by their first and last initials, but Jesse gave me permission to reveal his true identity.) Jesse studied abroad here during Drexel’s Fall 2014-15 term. 137 palabras más



October. 68 days to go now. Insanity.

As burnt out as I am in teaching, as much as I complain about Chile, I really don’t want my time to be over. 991 palabras más