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Fiestas Patrias en Chile

Chile celebrates its independence from Spain in September, and it is easily the biggest and most important holiday in the country.  It is called Fiestas Patrias (Native Land Holidays) or El Dieciocho (The 18th).  311 palabras más

Daily Life

Weeks 3-4: Fiestas Patrias

Chile was in full party mode last week for Fiestas Patrias. Many terremotos were drunk and many anticuchos consumed. In honour of this national holiday… 530 palabras más


Nica Pride, Fiestas Patrias

Young girls and boys dressed in traditional nicaraguan clothes of all colors, marching, music, dancing and a whole lot of pride for this charming country. This is the atmosphere on September 14th during Nicaragua’s Independence Day and September 15th during the Independence day of all of Central America. 208 palabras más

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¡Viva México!

Fiestas Patrias


Cuando era niña, las fiestas patrias significaban cenar pozole y buñuelos con la familia, tomar atole, ver la pirotecnia desde la azotea de mi casa y jugar con mi hermano con luces de bengala mientras los grandes platicaban en el comedor. 455 palabras más


Fiestas Patrias, Chile's Independence Day Celebration

Ah, the jubilation, liberation, and celebration of declaring independence. Such declaration for change is of great historical significance for generations to commemorate in years to come. 150 palabras más