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'Outlander' Episode 11 Recap: "The Devil's Mark"

Outlander‘s historical time-travel fantasy got pretty darn real last night given that almost the entire episode was devoted to a terrifying witchcraft trial, but at least (spoiler alert) there’s some fireside canoodling after the thrilling courtroom denouement. 1.045 palabras más


- Secretary v.s. 50 Shades -

Around mid February, I watched the two most distinctive BDSM film in the same week. One with my friend J, one with my man. The two film talked similar theme with different context and background, and therefore received very different fate from one another. 238 palabras más

Fifty Shades Book Review

So I have finally joined the ranks of millions, and finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Those of you who know me well will probably be wondering why I bothered to read it. 2.628 palabras más

Book Review

Get That Christian Grey Look at Prom 2015 (for Guys)

This handsome young billionaire from Fifty Shades of Grey (by E.L James) always successfully makes women fall for him with his neat look.

He never flirts. 868 palabras más


What is research?

I did some research on what research is, and according to a very credible source (thank you UrbanDictionary), research is….


In essence, research is the quest to find new information. 418 palabras más

'Fifty Shades of Grey' and the Policing of Women's Erotic Imagination

‘Actually…I really liked the Fifty Shades of Grey movie,’ confessed an academic colleague of mine (who shall remain nameless). She followed this statement up with: ‘but you’re the only person I could tell that to,’ because street cred. 688 palabras más

Blog Post

50 Shades of Grey, or 50 Shades of Red?

After the major motion picture was released, the mixed reviews started pouring out on the internet, on tv, in magazines and papers. I personally am confused at peoples reactions to this film… 496 palabras más