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Ruling Felix: Chapter 5

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It was getting really difficult to pretend I wasn’t completely swooning in the arms of Mason Thacket. His dancing was impeccable (of course), he smelled amazing (figures), and he kept singing along to the song in this amazing baritone voice (seriously, is there… 2.242 palabras más


How does Fifty Shades of Grey end?

While still considering the contract, and in an effort to understand Christian psychologically, Ana asks him to demonstrate how he would “punish” her for rule breaking. 60 palabras más

HENRY MILLER, A Writer's Writer

After reading a feature on how a writer applied Henry Miller’s “ten commandments” on writing to rather pedestrian projects, a dismayed friend emailed me . . 683 palabras más

General Interest

Best Friend's baby by Mia Carson

I originally purchased this book because I am in the process of writing my own Best Friend’s baby book, so I just wanted to see if my story was anything like this one. 530 palabras más

Book Reviews

The Brody Bunch: Pride by Sienna Valentine

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. I usually don’t like naked people or people in general on covers. But right now I have a serious crush on Ricky Whittle and every book I read no matter how they describe the guy, I picture him. 861 palabras más

Book Reviews

Experience: The Best Asset For Writers

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

Each day we go through hundreds if not thousands of experiences in a variety of ways. Those experiences don’t just leave us with memories, but knowledge as well which is what makes them such an important asset for a writer. 423 palabras más


Chapters Two & Three:Why Do They Do This to Girls Like Me?

Chapter Two begins with Christian forcing Ana to cover up while they’re on the beach. Now, the last time I picked this piece of tar up, it was a pre-Lemonade world. 412 palabras más