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Fifty Shades of Whatever

I googled “fifty” today, mostly because I’m avoiding writing next Sunday’s sermon which is currently a 9,000-word hot mess. I’m pretending that if get my writing muscles moving by blogging about a random… 433 palabras más

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Day 8: A Book I Loved & a Book I Hated

Day 8: A Book I Loved & a Book I Hated

Good morning, everyone! (Or afternoon, or evening…) I’m back, with a post about books — one of my true loves. 770 palabras más

Paisley Rose Prophet

Broke For Books

Recent events have greatly decrease my bank account, one I barely have a dime and two my card got deactivated. Real issue is I want books, I am too broke to buy books. 126 palabras más


Caitlin Liveblogs Fifty Shades Freed: Chapter 20

Guys. GUYS. We only have 5 more chapters left after this one. There’s only 25 official chapters in this book. I mean, there’s an epilogue, and 3 bonus chapters (uuugggghhhhh why) BUT. 5.105 palabras más

Caitlin Liveblogs

A girl accused her dad of rape. Then, his attorney noticed echoes of Fifty Shades of Grey in her testimony

A father from the United Kingdom had only one defence against his daughter’s accusation that he had raped her for six years: He didn’t do it. 807 palabras más


Andrew Garfield & Dakota Johnson New Couple? 'They Have Sizzling Chemistry' On Set

Andrew Garfield is no longer Spider-Man, but there’s something about Dakota Johnson that has his Spidey sense tingling! He and Dakota have reportedly gotten very flirty while working on ‘Under The Silver Lake.’ Could they be the next big Hollywood couple? 341 palabras más

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