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I read Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James, a few years ago–I can’t remember how many (it was before the movie came out, in any case.)  I’ll be honest that I didn’t love the book. 397 palabras más


Three Pop Culture Cars I Really Want to Own or Take a Ride In

When Turo, a car rental company, inspired me to create a blog post about my dream cars that I would love to drive from pop culture there were only three cars in my head. 318 palabras más

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Throwback Thursday ~ The "Forbidden Fruit" Fallacy

Originally published February 20, 2015

You’ve heard the old adage: “forbidden fruit is sweeter.” When people use this phrase, what they mean is that if you tell someone he can’t have or do something, he’s going to want to have or do it all the more just because it’s forbidden. 756 palabras más

Throwback Thursday

Ask Me Anything: Tim Mah of Danzkool teaches The Fictionals to dance on February 21

The Fictionals get intimate and interactive with Vancouver’s movers and shakers at R/Improv, starting on Tuesday, February 21 with dance teacher to the stars Tim Mah! 167 palabras más


Jamie Dornan complains 50 Shades haters haven't given it a chance

Jamie Dornan has said he doesn’t take notice of haters of the Fifty Shades franchise.

The actor, who plays its male lead character Christian Grey, in the popular film series, gave his view on those who dare to criticise it. 298 palabras más


Can't Beat Kennedy: Celeste from Dudley

P!nk just threw her daughter Willow a “big sister party” to celebrate her new little brother & her new role as a big sister. P!nk’s latest single is a collaboration with what country singer? 141 palabras más


'Fifty Shades' Shocker: Jamie Dornan Is Not A Fan Of Christian Grey's S&M Lifestyle

Christian Grey may be into S&M, but Jamie Dornan is NOT. The ‘Fifty Shades’ hunk smolders on the cover of ‘GQ Australia’ and admits that Christian’s raunchy sexual nature just doesn’t fly with him. 304 palabras más