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Good Manners ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good Manners is a modern fairy tale and an exploration of a mother’s love when the child you are parenting has challenging developmental needs.

Clara (Isabel Zuaa), a black woman from a favela district, secures a job as a maid / nanny for Ana (Marjorie Estiano), a white woman from a privileged background who is expecting a baby.  280 palabras más


Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★★ review

by Ian Davies

Blade Runner 2049 is not a film for those who have not seen Ridley Scott’s seminal ’82 sci-fi touchstone. Whist those unfamiliar with it may see other works it has influenced over the past thirty five years in its neon-flooded vistas and “hard” sci-fi themes, this is very much a film that deals with legacy and identity, a rare sequel that stands as a perfect companion to its forebearer, yet cannot exist without it. 313 palabras más


The Nile Hilton Incident ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In the days immediately before the Arab Spring, a woman is killed in a bedroom at Cairo’s Nile Hilton hotel.  Noredin (Fares Fares), a casually corrupt police detective, is given the case to investigate. 227 palabras más


The Sun God of Morality feasts again

If public revulsion at Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual predations was as widespread as you might think, you might also think that the newly outraged would turn on Donald Trump. 553 palabras más


The Snowman⛄️

I have to be honest going into this film I kind of wished I was watching the Lego Ninjago movie. However the trailer had caught my attention so I thought I would go and check it out. 228 palabras más


A Fairy Tale Even Grimmer Than Grimm’s

Once upon a time there was a president, a leader, and he tried to do the right thing for the people who had elected him.  Some of the people did not like him and made up stories about his religion,… 10 palabras más