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Si solo tu quisieras ir de regreso...

Tengo miedo por lo que sé y por lo que no sé…

Solo te pido que pauses el mundo,
un rato,
frente a ese café.

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Putoan tyhjyyteen…

Koko elämäni ajan, ihan pienestä tytöstä saakka olen aistinut itsessäni valtavan tyhjyyden kokemuksen, jota olen pelännyt. Se on tuntunut ammottavalta aukoilta, joka on rajaton, näkymätön ja pimeä. 816 palabras más


Retrospective: Syd Tha Kyd Finds Her Own Voice

Courtesy of Artist

I interviewed Syd more than a year ago but never published the conversation. This profile has been sitting in my cloud collecting ones and zeros, so I decided to release it through my own site so people can read it. 953 palabras más


Fraud - Characters

Tale Enkousa, the one who got away. The boy who learned to sneak out at a young age, and caused all this trouble. He should have been chased further away when he left for good, so that he could never return or come into contact with any disgruntled employees. 320 palabras más


Canada becomes the first G20 country to ban shark fin trade

Canada has become the first G20 nation to ban the import and export of shark fins, in an effort help preserve a predator under threat. 160 palabras más


Zoggs Bluefinz Fins - Review

When I first saw these fins, because of their shape and how
they felt in my hands I expected them to be another pair of stiff power fins. 378 palabras más