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Final Portfolio

At the end of the semester, we were instructed to make a final portfolio of some of the work we did during the semester. Almost all of these project were partner projects, which presented its own benefits and challenges as well. 14 palabras más

Final Project

Here is a link to my groups final project for our JRN 440 Class. Check it out!


Final Interior Background - Update

This background took me ages , because i had to add to me previous one with much more tone and shading, i also found out how amazing blur, dodge, burn and the smudge tool is whilst creating this. 80 palabras más


Critical Reflection

Over the summer of 2014 I pondered the direction I might take in the coming year, in Level 4 Product Design. I gave thought to different problems around me that I could endeavour to combat through design. 890 palabras más


The Final Countdown!

This. Is. It.

My last week of college.

Though last week was the final week of actual class lectures, I still have to count this week because I am still going about as a regular week.   179 palabras más

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