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Transitioning Into A New Reality, Part Three: The Final Goodbye

“I have something to say to everyone: Today is my final day working here. I just want to thank you all for an amazing (Thinking: ..but horrible, stress-inducing, somewhat unbearable) 8 years of me working here. 273 palabras más


Mock Screenshots: Scene 1 and 2

So when I started talked to Ryan a few weeks back, he suggested that I make some mock screenshots of my animation.

I started doing that for the first scene but thought that it would be easier to take the screenshots whilst I animate the character for each scene. 129 palabras más

Computer Arts Practice

Epilogue: Voices.

He stood in front of his mansion. Not the one in Schnester Island, but in Somnus City. It had been a while. Quite a while. But he saw that his servants didn’t let the place fall. 703 palabras más


Nissan CEO returns his pay after inspection scandal


The CEO of Japanese car giant Nissan said on Friday (Nov 17) he will return part of his pay until next March following a damaging inspection scandal. 323 palabras más

Current Affairs

Final Fantasy Hits The Road


If there’s one place you could get a black car, hit the highway and have it look just like Final Fantasy XV, it’s Arizona. 72 palabras más


That Time Square Enix Made A Shooter Sequel To Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy VII is one of the most influential roleplaying games of all time. Nine years after its release in 1997, Square Enix released a sequel that isn’t really talked about: the third person shooter Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. 811 palabras más