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Storyboard Result

After the group’s in-class discussion, we have decided to follow through on my idea of promoting the mock interview tool on CareerKnight. However, my group mates had a lot of great insight and ideas on how to improve upon my original plan. 146 palabras más


Terrance Howard's Ex-Wife Claims He Is Hiding Money From Her

Terrance Howard might be one of Hollywood’s hottest actors right now, starring in Fox’s “Empire” TV show. The fame is welcomed with much love but also brings him some attention from his Ex-Wife who Howard is in debt to. 238 palabras más

Entertainment News

Modelling a head

The beginning of a new project is always exciting!!

Getting started Callum agreed to shaving and taking photo’s of his head from different Angles; (Thanks Callum!) 487 palabras más


My Short Film

After a few edits, I am now happy with the content, narrative and soundtrack. I believe each of these aspects has been carefully planned and executed, and therefore helped to produce a satisfactory short film. 9 palabras más


My Final Project is Complete!

I am sooo happy to announce that after 8 tough months of hard work and dedication, I have finished my Final Project. I have just about finished at University now FOR GOOD so I am ready to become a proper adult. 112 palabras más


Audio Journalism Final- Paper Review

The second part of my final audio project for Multimedia Journalism is a paper review. I took the Daily Mail newspaper of the 24 March 2015 and chose three news stories to talk about in the audio clip. 45 palabras más


Audio Journalism Final- Cinderella Premiere: The Fan Experience

This clip is part of my final audio project for Multimedia Journalism. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to go to a movie premiere and what happens, then you should take a moment and listen to my feature about the fan experience of going to the Cinderella premiere. 29 palabras más