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feeling inadequate

I have found this artistic journey quite hard, and it hasn’t been anything like how I thought it would be. From the beginning I have always felt as if I was 10 steps behind everyone else. 227 palabras más


BB BE: The final stretch


by Bertha Henson

SO, WE have an official response to something that was said at a Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) rally – Dr Chee Soon Juan’s assertion that the G… 935 palabras más

Current Affairs

Thanks For Making Me Miss My 80 GB PlayStation 3, Person of Interest


You know why I have mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XIII? It’s not just the long corridor I recall running along in for hours. 851 palabras más


Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid

It is the 2016 UEFA Champions League final at Estadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) in Italian city of Milan. It will be a Madrid Derby, the second in three years, between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. 32 palabras más

Luke Shaw don grant a dying fan hin wish as e give am FA Cup final ticket

  • Doctors bin tell William Moore say e get brain tumour three weeks ago.
  • The 80-year-old Man na paddy of United legend Duncan Edwards 
  • Luke Shaw talk say e go sweet am to make the man watch the match.
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Manchester United