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World of Final Fantasy Review

World of Final Fantasy feels like a game that celebrates the series’ massive legacy while also making it friendlier to a younger audience. Unfortunately, it stumbles in a few key places, making it more of an awkward mixer than the all-encompassing RPG party players might be anticipating. 1.305 palabras más


What Do You Say When Praying For a Killer 

​I was stuck to my daughter like glue last night. She stayed on social media waiting for the names of the last 2 victims, she wanted to know if they were past school friends as well. 328 palabras más


Buy Cheapest Final Fantasy XIV | Protagonist of the upcoming game

In true Final Fantasy fashion, the conceptual CG trailer for Final Fantasy XV features a shifting reality, which teases events to come. Titled “Omen,” the epic production is a collaboration between the Final Fantasy XV team and DIGIC Pictures, the same 3D animation studio involved with the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.The dream begins with Prince Noctis, the protagonist of the upcoming… 314 palabras más


Sony's Limited Edition "Naruto" Walkman and Headphones are beautiful


Sony’s Limited Edition “Naruto” Walkman and Headphones are beautiful

The Naruto manga may have ended in November 2014, but the community behind it is still going strong. 271 palabras más


Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X With Revamped Interface, Magnetic Timeline and Touch Bar Support


Final Cut Pro X features a revamped interface that’s designed to streamline the layout for optimal screen space on the MacBook Pro, plus it includes a darker, flat look for more focus on content. 603 palabras más