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A top catering service on Mallorca

Anyone looking for a catering company on Mallorca has plenty of choice, with some excellent catering and private chef services available. Should you ever need to know, the local word for catering is . 585 palabras más

Medellin is creating a bright new future for itself after its dark past

Medellin has been internationally defined by its criminal past as the drug capital of the world and the brutal internal war with the ruthless cartel run by Pablo Escobar. 486 palabras más


Step back in time to rustic Mallorca

Can Hans is certainly a gem in our villa portfolio. Can Hans in Pollença old town really is like stepping back in time to rustic Mallorca. 506 palabras más


In Colombia, coffee is king

In Colombia coffee is king. For decades it has driven the country’s economy through exports of its top grade Arabica beans. But increasingly it is also important to… 476 palabras más


Llanos - Day 8 - Finca near Villavicencio

Today we got a relatively early start to make it Parque los Ocarros before driving to our friends’ finca for lunch. The Parque, set amidst tropical forest,  is basically a rehabilitation center/zoo for animals found in the Llanos. 245 palabras más


Quiet, sleepy coffee town Salento

We arrived in Salento, a sleepy mountainous town in the Quindio department of Colombia late Tuesday night. We had meant to leave Manizales earlier in the day, but couldn’t bear to part with our couchsurfing hosts/friends Jean Paul and Juliana. 677 palabras más

El turismo una alternativa distinta ante crisis del cultivo del cafe en Quindio.

A partir de mil novecientos noventa cuando ciertos cafeteros aceptaron la decisión de abrir sus predios para el alquiler de turismo, y con la apertura de esenciales atractivos como el parque Nacional del café en Montenegro y PANACA, se dio un viraje rotundo en la actividad turística. 531 palabras más

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