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Saving things

I had a question posed to me today about curating the content for my Friday posts. It’s an ongoing thing that happens as I do regular reading throughout the week. 411 palabras más


I have found a bug in the latest version of Firefox. Yessss!

Note: It happened in August 2019 and the irritating red color is like the bug: unsupportable.

Bad surprise

I was doing some research. Browsing, getting some data, analyzing, and generating a report. 413 palabras más


Instalación y configuración personal de Debian 10

Llevo un mes y medio trabajando a saco en mi proyecto, y he estado tan a lo mío que ni me enteré de la salida de Debian 10 estable. 602 palabras más


Firefox fixes "master password" security bypass bug

Firefox just pushed out an update to fix a security glitch…

…in its password manager.

Mozilla delivers a new major version every six weeks on what we jocularly call… 769 palabras más


Coinbase explains background to June zero-day Firefox attack

Targeted phishing attacks, it is often said, can be difficult for even the wariest organisations to defend themselves against.

But how difficult?

This week’s detailed… 441 palabras más


I'm In Love Again...

I suspect you think this is about a loving relationship? Since I am a married guy, it must be about a mistress. NO, NO, NO. This is about my second love and that is techie things. 378 palabras más