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Is it too early?

Finally temperatures are dropping. Even crazy cherry trees seems to get in line with the program. Why crazy you ask? Well, last year they started to bloom in December for example. 348 palabras más


J'aime l'automne

Whatever it is called across the world; Autumn, The Fall, L’automne I love it. The changes in the climate and nature’s colours, the unpredictable weather, from warm sunshine to frosts, are a feast on the senses. 604 palabras más


Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

In an unusual move I thought I would post a response to the current Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental.

On Saturday 28 October the family and I were going to go to Warwick Castle for the day and stay on to see the night time joust. 421 palabras más

Days Out

Radio Times: "Fireworks..." and "Upside Down" reviews

Please click the posters above to read my reviews of Fireworks and Upside Down for Radio Times.

James Luxford

Guy Fawkes Night, History repeats

Guy Fawkes Night, History repeats.

Firework night

A child’s delight

the sky full of dazzle,

sparkle and glitter

Night darkness

sprinkled with candy

The bonfire… 269 palabras más

Futurism, Queerness and the Cult of Death

This is a little piece I wrote for a certain institution that was shortlisted and subsequently not used. It seemed a shame to just let it rot, so I’m posting it here. 3.426 palabras más