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Andalusia Flamenco

Is it a Hungarian tradition? A Catholic tradition? Or perhaps a Hungarian Catholic tradition? I am not entirely sure about the origin, but we most certainly go to the cemetery frequently, and bring flowers to our lost beloved ones. 559 palabras más


The Flamenco Teacher

At the tender age of five Anna Fotopoulou was introduced to dancing. First it was ballet then flamenco, she quickly became a top student in her class. 712 palabras más



Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd-Alquimia,

Label: Asphalt Tango Records.

In 2016, Swedish flamenco guitarist Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd release his debut album Pa’ki Pa’ka to widespread critical acclaim. Soon, Robert ‘Robi’ Svärd’s debut album Pa’ki Pa’ka was finding the wider audience that it so richly deserved. 781 palabras más


Waxing Poetic about Barcelona

Note:  sorry about the delay.  It’s been tough posting what with internet limitations, illness creeping in, and long travel days, but hopefully I will catch everyone up quickly to where we are now! 533 palabras más

From Yoga Therapy to Mastery of a Dancer's Body

I started my yoga practice at age 52 out of absolute necessity. My hour-and-a-half commute each way (including school drop off and pick up) had finally caught up with me: one fine SoCal autumn day last year, I suddenly started limping from my car to my office due to harsh hip pain. 1.557 palabras más


La Bienal de Flamenco 2018

The summer of 2018 will always be remembered in the UK for its exceptional weather: temperature above 30 degrees for long weeks without rain, wind or any disturbing factor. 750 palabras más


The Dance GRiST App and a little of what I've learned so far

My plans to create a social enterprise to help dancers, movement creatives and the people who work with them earn more money include a free, high quality magazine that is available all over the world. 299 palabras más