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Preparing for 2015 FLISOL

So this year we will be doing the FLISOL again in Cancun being is our 5th FLISOL (Latin American Free Software Installfest). The event is now heavily backed up by… 208 palabras más

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Community, software and great ideas at FLISOL 2014

Yesterday was the Latin-american free software intallfest, nearly 300 locations experience a lot of installations on new distributions, desktops, applications and such. I had the task of taking care of my local event. 518 palabras más

Free Software

Getting ready for the next big Open source event

So just a few weeks from the Latin American installfest called FLISOL.

The event happens across all Latin American countries including Spain and Brazil. Is primarily in Spanish although most of the maintaining crew of the servers are Brazilians. 149 palabras más

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FLISOL 2013 - The experience

This post is dedicated more toward the actual event, having a great location in La Gran Plaza was a great way to start. Adding the wittiness of Sandy was a great help to organize the decoration of the venue. 173 palabras más


FLISOL Medellín 2013 en el SENA este 4 de mayo

El Festival latinoamericano de Software Libre (Flisol) se realizara este sábado 4 de mayo desde las 8:30 de la mañana en el Centro de Servicios y Gestión Empresarial del SENA Medellín, en la calle… 407 palabras más


FLISOL 2013 - random notes for the future of events

Finally after 2 years of constant development, the event that I was hoping to carry across came to a reality. After a big push by some sponsors including Universidad del Sur and members of Tequila Valley we were able to gather the right spot, with enough tables, chairs, baloons and volunteers. 355 palabras más