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Este es el Paraíso

Año 2003.

Recién inicia la prodigiosa primera década del siglo XXI.

Mario Vargas Llosa aún no es Premio Nobel.

Y sin embargo, escribe sobre la posibilidad del paraíso. 981 palabras más

Libros, Cine

The Early Desperation of Bethnal Green and Shoreditch

Perhaps no city in the world presents more desolate a spectacle than the parishes of Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, which together contain 70,000 people. A large part of the land here has retained its original name of…

1.650 palabras más

The Wonder and Terror of Victorian Gas Works

Gas lighting transformed London, it is hard to imagine now just how much. I think the only way to begin to understand it, as much as we can from this vantage point, is through literature. 2.530 palabras más

City & Country

Peregrinations of a Pariah

Author: Flora Tristan

Language: English

Summary: Flora travels back to Peru to claim part of her inheritance, and finds herself amidst sordid family’s stories and outstanding Peruvian women. 24 palabras más


Field Lane and larceny, then and now

Field lane was once a narrow alley that led to Saffron Hill (once fields and gardens belonging to Ely Place and filled with actual saffron), and formed part of a tangle of the narrow lanes and courts that contained some of London’s most desperate poverty. 816 palabras más


Flora Tristan's London Journal

Flora Tristan (1803-1844) is half vile aristocrat and half tireless feminist fighting in the face of tremendous odds — I know, I know those aren’t exclusionary things, but their combination left me continuously unsettled. 1.629 palabras más


HOOP one year later

I visited the ‘Escuela de HOOP’ on both Thursday and Friday.

Much has changed, but much has also stayed the same. Flora Tristan hasn’t changed much – though they did put a little playground by the bus stop. 594 palabras más