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Thugs, Telecoms, and Taxes (Part 2)

Edit: After I published this post, La Prensa Grafica reported on February 5 that the telecom tax has so far raised $2.5 million for the country’s security projects. 1.750 palabras más

Latin America

"We learned solidarity from those who thanked us for staying in the country when other North Americans had left": An Interview with Bill Van Lopik on doing Solidarity work in El Salvador in the 1980s and 90s

This interview is with Bill Van Lopik, who, along with his wife, spent years doing justice work in El Salvador while calling Grand Rapids home. Bill is one of the hundreds of people from Grand Rapids who were part of the Central American Solidarity movement in the 1980s and 90s. 2.501 palabras más

Central American Solidarity Movement

El Salvador: Just Saying No to Gold Mining

By Rachel Nadelman*

El Salvador’s refusal to allow gold mining within its borders sets it apart from most other Latin American countries, but the mining suspension is far from permanent.  582 palabras más

El Salvador’s New Anti-Corruption Crusaders

A right-wing rally on Sept. 5 in San Salvador (Contrapunto/ Jessica Orellana)
By Hilary Goodfriend – NACLA – 11/16/2015

Over the summer, news out of Central America seemed to take a positive turn.

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In the Name of the People

San Salvador rings in ears
silent and forgotten,
Just as missing billions
and unidentified bodies,
Hiss and snap on
proud dust for streets,
Codes bleeding radio… 58 palabras más


La violencia, inseguridad, y corrupcion en El Salvador

La violencia, inseguridad, y corrupcion en El Salvador son una formula perfecta para causar dano irreversible a la sociedad salvadorena. Los mas desprotegidos, las familias, los ninos, los trabajadores, son los mas afectados. 108 palabras más

¡Maria Lorenza Guardado, Presente!

1934 – 2015

In more than 3 decades of living in the United States, Salvadoran national Maria Lorenza Guardado never learned English.

Not that she didn’t try. 540 palabras más