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Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Barcelona and Madrid

The American band releases its new album, ‘The Getaway’, on June 17

Good news for fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers.After five years without acting in Spain, the band returns this fall with concerts in Barcelona and Madrid. 303 palabras más

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Hasta siempre camarade... [Soundcheck #41]

Jeudi, moi et mes ectoplasmes de 16, 20, 23 et 26 ans, nous avons pris la direction de la Cigale pour assister au concert de… 1.013 palabras más


What's Cooking at Apple?

“The share price is factoring in little or no growth. We suspect that this is just temporary, we are certainly not alone in making this assumption, that does not mean you are right of course. 1.622 palabras más


160p from the man with the gold chain

“Without skipping a beat, and looking like very modern day bidding at an antique goods auction, Steinhoff offered 150 pence. FNAC, not to be outdone, offered 153 pence a share shortly thereafter. 2.356 palabras más


Surf Art Show

thats better

surf art sleep

body guards

sorensen bags

best stand


nose ride

work a bit

thanks dan

Went to a show in Faro´s Forum Shopping Mall. 14 palabras más


Enseignes de produits High Tech & Emotions Clients

Cette nuit, dans toute la France, a eu lieu le passage à la TNT HD. Étiez-vous prêt pour ce changement ? Pour certains ce n’était pas le cas : ce matin, faute d’équipement adéquat, ils se sont retrouvés sans aucune chaîne télévisée. 635 palabras más

Sentiment Analysis

reading in book stores

This is one of the coolest thinks I have seen in almost all french speaking countries. People go to book stores and sit down and read for hours. 159 palabras más