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Squirrel Rant: Group Rules

Turns out I haven’t done one of these since 2012, though I’ve probably written a few posts that qualify.

Here’s the basic rules for reading this: 773 palabras más


Contents under pressure

What happens
when you shake
your dream?
Does it fizz
drip by drip?

Or flow
big and

Or does it
with rattle
and spit?


Cloudy or Foamy Water in Hot Tubs? Learn Quick Fixes from the Experts

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Brown Dog Coffee Company (Salida)

My wife and I headed to beautiful Salida this past weekend for some much needed time away from the city. Among the many art galleries and resale shops, crowded with end-of-summer-tourist-season visitors we made a stop at  903 palabras más

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Gillette Shave Foam Lemon Lime Foamy Shaving Cream for

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