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1-2ft Easterly. Croyde.

Beautiful, sunny day again. Small, clean and fun waves at high tide this morning.



1ft Easterly. Croyde.

Small, rippy low tide waves.



1ft Easterly. Croyde.

Another gorgeous day. Not as good as yesterday but nice to get out there. Bit of a crew on the soft tops today.



2ft Easterly. Croyde.

Some super fun rights on a bank by the rocks as the tide came up. Another glorious day. Happy Easter!


'Neurotically Yours' - A Lesson To Be Learnt

“Dear Hopeless Romantic,

I don’t have a girlfriend because I don’t need to validate my existence through the existence of somebody else. Having a girlfriend does not make you a better person, nor does it prove to the rest of your friends that you’re cool. 100 palabras más


In Each Jar Of MuLondon Moisturiser, I Find Much Love, Passion... Almost Art

“The moisturiser feels very soft, almost magical. I have never had such a great feeling on my skin from a moisturiser before. I love it! 87 palabras más


Chocolate Mousse

Chocoholics Beware!!! This delicious Chocolate Mousse has a rich Chocolate Flavor and is light and airy with a velvety smooth texture.

Its February… the Valentines Special Month <3 <3…

1.037 palabras más