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Wednesday Food Tidbits

Sure it’s nasty outside. And perhaps the cat did throw up in the bathroom. That does not mean you can’t daydream of having an amazing dinner! 54 palabras más

Food And Wine

Historic Images of the Fiesta de San Fermín and the Running of the Bulls

 100 years ago the world and the fiesta looked much different than it does today. The “war to end all wars” had finally come to an end on November 11, 1918 and the world was ready to move on.   194 palabras más

Fiesta De San Fermín

Randy Bakes "Fancy Party Cookies"

Last year at work, Rand participated in the Christmas Cookie Exchange.  I baked his cookies for him, and scanned my mother’s well-worn and well-loved sugar cookie recipe.  760 palabras más


Perfect Wine for the Holidays

The holiday season is rife with holiday events, full of food, fun and wine. With all the events and food available, how do you pick the perfect wine? 321 palabras más

My Christmas Gift - The new EP of "HERA"

Il nuovo EP di HERA sara’ disponibile su tutte le piattaforme digitali dal 14 Dicembre prossimo.

SAra’ un disco completamente live, con musicisti di livello internazionale, dedicato ad alcune tra le piu’ belle canzoni natalizie, con qualche sorpresa.