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Time to Upgrade Your Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is an indulgence. Sinful. And wonderfully so. That is what gives it is importance.

So why not make it more sinful?

BA has a great way to do that. 13 palabras más

Food And Wine

Orbital to NASA HQ. We are now Ice Cream Capable

After much cogitation, I did it. I bought the Sage.

And I made the first, experimental batch last night.

My initial reaction — the most complicated part of this is buying the ingredients. 51 palabras más

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Week 3: Details, Details, Details

1. “Eliana” IGT Umbria – Castel Noha – Grechetto incrocio Manzoni

“Eliana” is classified as an IGT and comes from Castel Noha, a winery in the Umbria region not far from Orvieto. 1.050 palabras más

Food And Wine

Eating this Weekend

Assuming you are not out on the road, the weekend is the time to kick back and enjoy what you can make at home.

Here are a few ideas from Epicurious… 84 palabras más

Food And Wine

Cheese masterclass with: Romain Olivier

A cheese masterclass with one of northern France’s most celebrated cheesemakers in one of Lille’s best addresses? Sign me up!

The announcement of a marché des producteurs… 369 palabras más

Food And Wine

You Need Local Experts to do Your Italian Food Tour Right

I am a big fan of food tours. By that, I mean traveling to a given place or region with the objective of diving into local cuisine. 240 palabras más