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Adelsheim Pinot Noir


pinot noir

Willamette Valley


This classic Pinot Noir pays homage to the northern Willamette Valley. It embodies the region’s signature style – intense fresh fruit aromas, a backbone of acidity, and a silky-smooth texture.

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Don’t mention the ‘D’ word – in defence of Dolcetto

“It’s a blood pressure issue” my friend says at the mention of the dreaded ‘D’ word….. Dolcetto. And I can well believe it when I hear that Dolcetto is prone to disease, difficult to grow and difficult to vinify. 624 palabras más

Food And Wine

Butternut Squash Parm?

I am in the mood for a new winter dish … and I may have just found it. Here is the promo. And here is the link for more, as well as the recipe. 168 palabras más

Food And Wine

Take a piece of my: Cœur de Neufchâtel

“I love you more than cheese.” That’s what my Valentine’s card to Damon said.

I thought it delightfully apt – we’re both big cheese fans. Hence our plans to open a cheese-and-wine business. 400 palabras más

Food And Wine

Vegetarian Doner Kebabs

I love flavours from the lower Mediterranean, where fusion cooking has been the norm a very long time before it became fashionable in the Western world! 138 palabras más

Food And Wine

Texican Pantry Chili

Our refrigerator freezer is back in action.  The thing was only 2 years old and needed major repairs!  I don’t understand how things work anymore.  We’ve had appliances that were 15 years old that never needed repair.  305 palabras más

Food And Wine

Environs of Saint-Émilion: Pomerol and Saint-Michel-de-Montaigne

Next to Saint-Émilion is another famed wine district called Pomerol in the area known as the Libournais — the town of Libourne sits just to its south.  1.734 palabras más