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Theater Week - Where Are the Snows of Yesteryear?


Sad Snowman – Cosmin Rotaru

A listing of Triangle theater performances
through January 4, 2016



The Book of Mormon – What’s that? You say you shelled out close to 300 bucks for a pair of orchestra tickets to the touring production of this blockbuster Trey Parker/Matt Stone musical last time it was in town back in 2014, but a deadly dangerous ice storm prevented you from attending and there were no refunds – and no exchanges since all shows were sold out? 232 palabras más

Triangle Theater

A Tear For Yesteryear

Life is a collection if not recollection of memories

Yesteryear with its temporal moments is a sentient story

And here we find ourselves, a year later… 49 palabras más


Books because of books

For a long time, thanks to a middle-grade anthology, all I knew of Francie Nolan was that she borrowed a book every day – two on Saturdays. 449 palabras más


Charity by François Villon

from Bequests, lines 233–240

Item: I bequeath to the poorhouse
my hammock, made of spider webs.
To those who flop under market stalls,
trembling there with faces clenched, 46 palabras más


James Sallis, 'The Long-Legged Fly' (1992)

In the darkness things always go away from you. Memory holds you down while regret and sorrow kick hell out of you.’

The Long Legged Fly… 928 palabras más


Raphael Jerusalmy 'The Brotherhood of book hunters'

Initially, searching through audio books at my local lending library it was the cover of this book that caught my attention, I had not heard of the author. 279 palabras más