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Marcel Schwob and Moody History

by guest contributor Dylan Kenny

Everyone in Paris knew Marcel Schwob (1867-1905). Journalist, critic, slang philologist, decadent symbolist fabulist, whose French Hamlet Sarah Bernhardt acted in 1899, whose 1904 lectures on François Villon were attended by Max Jacob and his friend Picasso, who was the dedicatee of Valéry’s… 979 palabras más

Think Pieces

Car ou soies porteur de bulles,

Francois Villon was a great poet but also a notorious low-life character who got up to all sorts of crime and mischief. He certainly spent time in prison on several occasions and might have ended up being hanged, although I don’t think anyone is really sure about that. 418 palabras más

Quoy qu'on tient belles langagieres,

Today’s poem goes back to the 1400s, but the theme is universal. Francois Villon is the author, and in this poem he writes in praise of the women of Paris, superior in all respects to women from another place he cares to mention. 311 palabras más

The Slow Fine Toil

I am hard at work on my second novel.  After the forced interruption of the holidays I am once again spending the better part of each day writing.  407 palabras más


Know Your History - 5th January

On this day….

5th January

 1463 – French poet Francois Villon banished from Paris

Haha todays story is one of a little more light-hearted nature but a writer of an inspiring nature (regardless of his antics). 374 palabras más

Know Your History

Dites-moi ou, n'en quel pays

Here is one of the most famous French poems of the 15th century, from Francois Villon, a notorious low-life character who mis-spent his life and was in and out of prison for much of it. 440 palabras más

la Ballade des Pendus

Frères humains, qui après nous vivez,
N’ayez les cœurs contre nous endurcis,
Car, si pitié de nous pauvres avez,
Dieu en aura plus tôt de vous mercis. 246 palabras más