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Gig Review: Sundara Karma - Liverpool

Sundara Karama

Arts Club, Liverpool 21st September 2016

Words: Gary Lambert

Photos: Elena Katrina

A lot can change in a year. Popped Music met up with… 757 palabras más


Sundara Karma Gig Review

Featured Image via Notion Magazine 

I have been meaning to see Sundara Karma for quite some time now but alas whenever they have come to town our diaries have clashed and I missed out.  334 palabras más

Confession: I'm An Obsessive Planner

My family, my friends and my boyfriend know me too well for being a planning freak. I love diaries, note pads and calendars. Never can i remember a time that i was relaxed regarding sporadic plans. 337 palabras más


Sundara Karma @ Riverside

There’s nothing like spur of the moment plans and at 24 hours notice I was stood at Riverside’s doors ready to bop. Sundara Karma’s rise has been a long time coming. 625 palabras más

Band Review

The fact of the matter is... 

I’m a lady. I’m tired of playing games with men. I have come to find that men like drama, games, and wasting time.

The fact of the matter is, ladies waste time on men. 331 palabras más

The no-weekend week

What would happen if the weekend was removed from our calendar? You know one day *poof* it ain’t there no more.

Well, I read this on The Blogging Meetup web page and the mere thought made me super scared. 306 palabras más

Yearning For What's "Out Of Reach" (Love, Relationships, Belonging) 

I went to the farmers market with my (only) guy friend outside of the internet. I usually go at least every other Saturday as the produce is up to 4 times cheaper than the grocery store. 331 palabras más

Transgender & Mental Health Issues