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Cheaters Never Prosper

I hammered away at the keyboard, enemy snipers picking off my team one by one. My teammates weren’t exactly doing much either, running straight back out from behind cover. 564 palabras más



We go to school in hopes that maybe we might not be called another name. Maybe just for a day we may remain invisible to the predators that see us as their preys. 313 palabras más


Is it the thought of eroticism? The idea of someone being in a vulnerable state? I recently met this guy on an online dating site who stated he liked bondage porn. 153 palabras más


13 Signs Your Man Is A Freak In The Bedroom

Have you ever looked at a man and wondered how he was in bed?

Here is a list that will give you the inside scoop on him. 28 palabras más


6th July 2015 (Monday)

Hey guys!

Quick update (again)!

Sooo… Kawaii-kun has found out about my depression :/

Like somehow by magic or using six senses or something, he found out about it :/ 101 palabras más

Game Freak Circus Racing v1.0.5 Apk

Freak Circus RacingDescription★ Play craziest racing game ever! ★Tune up the craziest cars, climb the steepest hills and burn some rubber. Race off the evil circus freaks and play against your friends! 138 palabras más

Android Game


Gordon Smythe of 201 Robotics (originally CyberCorp International, but with the initials “CCI” it didn’t take too long before everyone called them “201”) loved the circus more than almost anything, except perhaps his job as a robotics designer, and so it came as no surprise to anyone at 201 when Gordon announced that he was going to make a robotic clown that would be better than any human could possibly be.   238 palabras más