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How I ruin people's lives

Death would not only end my own pain, but I would no longer run anyone else’s life or be such a huge burden to them. 327 palabras más

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Deadly tornadoes strike South; ‘high risk’ for more as freak storm approaches East Coast

A damaged house in Petal, Miss., following a predawn tornado on Jan. 21. (Jeff Amy/Associated Press) Fifteen people are dead in Mississippi and Georgia after violent thunderstorms,…


Thailand, Monk Praying in boiling oil

Buddhist monks praying in oil in a rare rite in Thailand in the province of Nong Bua Lamphu, engage in a religious ceremony quite strange. A monk meditating in lotus position in a pot of oil that is located above the fire. 443 palabras más


Never Mind the Dog...

I wish I can put this signage in front of my gate for the sake of my pesky neighbors and the papaya thieves:

original photo taken from


What are your side effects?

When Celeste and I married, we both changed our name to Sarvata, which means wholeness or integrity. It means that around us, you get to be exactly who you are. 49 palabras más


communication is a hard thing to understand

we can't logically quantify it, put it through data

it's not something held or easily seen like matter

could be small useless or deep chatter

could be roast sessions or sports talk that just we had

could be people talk then freak talk that we just had

ms.juicebox can't wait to feel your juicebox 

communication isn't too hard to understand 

when you feel me and i'm feeling you 

my birds are purple and your patriots blue

hope you deflategate me, don't play those games with me

i know you can be my favorite dish

i'll run that body like i'm the commish 

to find perfect timing is my only wish 

communication's never hard if its something you never miss

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This week: 6 new tracks to tickle your ears

This is a little later than I intended, but today was my first day back at work (not as horrendous as I thought it would be) and then my new puppy (Max the Yorkiepoo) decided I wasn’t allowed to blog until I’d played with him. 648 palabras más

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