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Get Up, Its Monday Loves!

Good morning everyone. It is Monday Honey Love! The first day of the of the week if you aren’t counting Sunday. I look at today as the beginning of a fresh start, time to wipe away all of the non sense that may have happened over your weekend. 113 palabras más


Stand at A.TTEN.TION


Stand for me!

I love it when you stand at attention so gracefully. Just demanding to be noticed , your presence never goes unknown. 172 palabras más


Bill Murray bought and handed out free tickets to a country music concert

Bill Murray has a reputation for using his quirkiness to dole out random acts of kindness, and last week, he did it again — handing out free tickets to eager concertgoers. 241 palabras más


Haiku #173

This should not rhyme. It’s

a haiku not verse. I did

not know it really.

Leaders without titles

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.” John Maxwell.

Many see leaders as those with power and position. This view of leadership assumes that leaders are the few people at the top of an organisation. 191 palabras más