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Through the eyes of a fat chick.... in a fitting room.

This little fat chick went into a fitting room today to try on some new clothes.

Fuck me, what an ordeal that shit is.

It was hard enough finding clothes on the rack to get around my fat arse, but when I found something I like, in what I thought was my size, I thought I’d better try the fucker on, just to make sure that I can get into the damn thing. 597 palabras más


I’ve got shoes on my hands
And gloves on my feet
Got a nose that runs
Don’t know when we’ll next meet
Got eyes where ears used to be… 35 palabras más


Don't Fear the Freaks

“Freak” is a thorny word for me. It has many definitions, some of which I don’t mind (the green-hued sunset was a freak occurrence) and others which make me cringe (just look at that freak). 204 palabras más

A 'date' with the ugly truth

In the midst of all my turmoil, I’d forgotten that I’m supposed to be meeting someone tomorrow. I thought he’d forgotten or gone off the idea, but it’s still on. 149 palabras más

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

How Bill Murray lost the 'Toni Erdmann' remake to Jack Nicholson

Who did Kristen Wiig call when she had an opportunity to play the role of a lifetime? Bill Murray. The only problem? According to the Oscar-nominated actor, he didn’t answer as effectively as he should’ve. 304 palabras más