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¿Quién rayos debo ser?

Hoy es de esos días en los que siento decir más de lo que debo, pero cada día que pasa, cada reflexión que escribo, me confirma que lo que expongo no habla de mi ni por mi, sino que habla de muchos y por muchos. 601 palabras más

De Humanos

Creep versus freak

Inside joke. Forgive me. Also, yes, procrastination. Oh. And a tip: when the work just won’t happen? Play.


Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

Lost An Axel, Didn't Freak Out!

So I m on this epic road trip across the United States with my 4 year old and 7 year old children. We are camping on a trailer in a tent. 83 palabras más

Sons Of Arcade T-Shirt | Born In The 80's

I love freak T-Shirts and specially those whose are a crossover of different wordls, such as this one, a mix between arcade games and… 17 palabras más


Unleash your inner freak with some sock innovation - part 1

Well, I have kind of set the tone of this post already, right? It’s all about socks, and different ones at that. Not the wearing of a pair that doesn’t match, but finding socks that are a little outside the standard mono-coloured, no added flavour, will do the job and not be noticed kind of socks. 1.194 palabras más