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Weak and Powerless

Yesterday was a ‘whatever’ day. I managed to go out for a couple of hours when I went to the grocery store, but that was pretty much the highlight of my day, along with finishing watching season 2 of Star Trek: Enterprise. 736 palabras más

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Pokémon Sun and Moon's Devs Respond To The Popplio Backlash


Earlier this month, Kotaku asked the folks at Game Freak which starter Pokémon they prefer in Sun and Moon. Unfortunately, poor Popplio didn’t make the cut. 413 palabras más


Here's What The Creators of Pokémon Sun and Moon Think About Fan Games


The recent controversial takedowns of high-profile yet unofficial Nintendo-related creations paints a picture of an aggressive corporation that punishes fans. But Game Freak, the creators of Pokémon, actually seem remarkably chill about the existence of fan games based on a recent conversation with Kotaku. 395 palabras más


The Ups & Downs of Anxiety & OCPD...Vol 2

I did say that this post would be about many different things, and not just me moaning, ranting and venting. But one of the first things I was taught when trying to deal with my frustration was to write down my feelings. 445 palabras más


Man Has His Junk Amputated After Having Freak Accident With A Bottle!

This poor guy decided he was going to hook up with a bottle, and it costs him his junk. It became stuck in the bottle, and he didn’t immediately go to the hospital. 243 palabras más


Freak in the Bed Room

Freak In The Bed Room is a person who has experiment, more than enough and have gotten lost in a place that’s hard to come back from. 239 palabras más