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'FREAK' flaw undermines security for hundreds of thousands of supposedly secure Web sites, including, and

”Technology companies are scrambling to fix a major security flaw that for more than a decade left users of Apple and Google devices vulnerable to hacking when they visited hundreds of thousands of supposedly secure Web sites, including, and,” Craig Timberg reports for The Washington Post. 364 palabras más


Imaginary Friends

I think I am hilarious. Seriously, I make myself snicker from my own internal dialogue. Of course, then everyone thinks I am absolutely insane. But then, they have always thought I was absolutely insane. 620 palabras más


Nick Vujicic—The greater the struggle, the greater the triumph

Born without arms and legs, Nick Vujicic is a living demonstration of the power of God to use our human weaknesses and failures to transform our lives, inspire others, and fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. 168 palabras más


Anatomy of THE Groove 03/27/15 Rique's Pick : "Out Come the Freaks" by Was (Not Was)

It’s been fairly well documented how the Kingdoms of Funk and Disco splintered off into many different factions around 1980 or so. In truth, there were always several different approaches to both genre’s, mainly tied to region. 686 palabras más


NSA Director: If I Say 'Legal Framework' Enough, Will It Convince You Security People To Shut Up About Our Plan To Backdoor Encryption?

From TechDirt, by Mike Masnick, Feb 2015

Admiral Mike Rogers, the NSA Director, has barely been on the job for a year, and so far he’d mostly avoided making absolutely ridiculous statements that his predecessor General Keith Alexander was known for. 1.080 palabras más