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Control Freaks And Why It Does Not Work

Guess what, bro.

You can’t control other people. Trying to do so will cause pain and suffering and anxiety, and that leads to a whole waterfall of issues that become very difficult to stop. 280 palabras más



The start of something new……

The creative content club’s purpose is to embody the idea of beauty. Our plan is to simply tap into the creativity and genius that school oppresses. 179 palabras más


A Tribute and Goodbye to The Freak and Funhouse

Former Location: 422 E White St, Bowmanstown, PA 18030

Web Page:

Legends will be told of the odd haunted attraction set smack dab in a residential neighborhood, that encouraged guests to cuddle with serial killers, face demented yet broken clowns, dance around a crystal ball, and enter into a “gas chamber” only to share a laugh with of all horror movie characters “Leatherface”. 612 palabras más

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Return to Halls of Horror- 2017 Preview

Location: 320 Delaware Ave Palmerton, PA 18072

Web Page:

Located in the tranquil, peaceful town of Palmerton, PA sits an unassuming nightmare that will leave you in a state of pure shock, questioning how such a haunted house could scorch your psyche. 656 palabras más