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Diane Arbus and the Mesmerizing World of "Freaks"

… I wish I could go back, but it’s not possible, neither can I take a step further…. there’s a constant pressure, living underwater…

What is considered beautiful or what does ugliness mean; a matter of sight or a state of mind? 292 palabras más


Muddy Spectacle

Questioning Mister’s childcare visitation
Enquiring the necessary certificates
Share her investigation to me
Who is working

Husband returns home
Visit the childcare again
Ensuring vacancy… 342 palabras más


Clean and Neat Freak

Clean freak
Neat freak
Tidy freak
Before doing work

Clean and tidy environment
Ease my heart
Feeling good
Thus work engine commence
Able to concentrate in the given task… 50 palabras más


Take ownership!

I am a woman who has needs and those needs are required to be met!
I am not afraid to let my lover/s know that I want some. 134 palabras más

Pics from the Nov 20th show! 

We had a super fun time playing at @coworkcreative during @culturecrawl  Super nice people and great space. Thanks to all those people who came out and listened to us make some noise. 41 palabras más


Freak they're (Poem)

Nerves they loose

And freak they’re

Creature we regard them

Pakistani women they’re called

Excellent at memory they’re

And lack the rationalistic faculties

We want to give them what they want… 92 palabras más

Earn Your Stripes

A few weeks ago, I was coming home from a doctor’s appointment when I turned on to my street and nearly ran over one of the most unusual looking squirrels I have ever seen.  309 palabras más