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Ezra Miller lays on the prickly green grass and stares up at the telephone lines that run along the dirt roads of Warsaw, Ohio. The telephone lines hum softly. 1.073 palabras más

The Pirate Bay only gets $9 in donations a day


The Pirate Bay is only collecting around $9 a day from its call for donations, Torrent Freak reports.

The popular torrent site includes a Bitcoin address on its homepage and users of the site are encouraged to donate bitcoin if they appreciate the files hosted there. 109 palabras más


Excellence is Weird

Everyone says they want to be extraordinary, great, excellent and make a difference, but by definition, this means you can’t be average. Yet when we do unusual things, well-meaning people around us pull us back to the normal. 82 palabras más

The Final Verdict: Women with short hair

Final Verdict: I haven’t seen or met a single women in my life that would look better with short hair than with long hair. You have Daddy problems, if you consciously choose to uglify yourself by chopping off your hair. 42 palabras más

Multilevel Marketing Success Tips That Will Freak The Competition

TIP! In network marketing, it can become a game to sign up more people. To be sure you do not do this, think instead of how to work to help others and yourself. 45 palabras más

Remember When Sam Claimed to be "Big" Over Seas?

Remember way back when “Sam” a.k.a. Jackie released Almost Meri’ed and she claimed the book was a huge hit over seas and she had a large “fan base”? 18 palabras más


Gender identity
A cause for confusion
Yet it is so simple
For me 51 palabras más