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Name that piece of Art... part 71...

This blog has become entirely too not-self-centered enough! So I am posting another piece of art that has a piece of Art… me… in it. And you all have to play that game where you try to come up with the funniest and most clever name for it… a name that puts the names thought up by everyone else to shame… that’s how you win…


La locura del Salón del Cómic de Barcelona

El Salón del Cómic de Barcelona ha cerrado sus puertas tras cuatro intensas jornadas con una afluencia más que considerable. El que algunos ya consideran como una especie de “ 241 palabras más


Every Town Has It's Weirdos

Every town that I have ever visited has it’s own special ‘Town Weirdo'; these seem to range from the mad old homeless guy who shouts at pigeons in the park, to the 90 year old woman with tattoos on her face who rides the bus all day, to the neo-Nazi skin head drunk who hangs around outside the pub drinking lime and soda! 952 palabras más


so I had this nightmare ...

… of the definite freak variety.


The guy was good looking.  Quite possibly gorgeous, if that can be said of a man.  He could actually have been one of the heroes in the romance novels I write, minus the breeches and the cravats and the requisite sense of chivalry.  385 palabras más

Pieces Of Me

Freak Economy

“Capital – what you get from saving money and investing it wisely – is an economy’s real muscle. EZ credit – what the quacks pump into flabby tissue to try to make things look more fetching – is what has turned the economy into such a freak.” -Bill Bonner


Do more of what makes you happy... Be a Freak!

We all have one or more of these people in our lives that seem slightly off. They are really into something, e.g. heavy metal music, yoga, running for miles on end, rock climbing… and it is difficult to comprehend at times why they are so into something that is interesting to us, but hey get a grip already. 159 palabras más


Mit Pandabären durch die Nacht: Ein Rückblick auf den Wahnsinn

Kennt ihr das Gefühl, dass man zu nichts zu gebrauchen ist? Dass man irgendwie einen Knall hat und zwar einen sagenhaften? Wer glaubt, grenzenlose Freiheit wäre die Antwort auf alle Probleme, der irrt gewaltig. 2.412 palabras más