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War Song for the Army of the Rhine

In 1792, the War of the First Coalition pitted the monarchies of Europe against Revolutionary France in a war to prevent the spread of the Enlightenment ideas of self-rule by its citizens. 206 palabras más


A War & Peace Odyssey [2]

First edition:

Part Two: Pages 112 – 200

This part is definitely the War part of the novel.  Tolstoy is detailing a battle between the Russian and the French army, as well as the diplomacy that comes with it.   171 palabras más


Cassandra, Lost

“This was France. In America, they had said “France is in revolution,” but it had meant nothing to her. Revolution-what was that? It was only words, stories told at dinner, written in a newspaper. 264 palabras más

The Battle of Fishguard

Most learned scholars would say the last invasion of Britain occurred in 1066 when William of Normandy kicked the living shit out of the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. 1.359 palabras más


The Saint

Benjamin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Well, this was it. He had known it was coming.

The Saint loomed threateningly over Paris. Today, he would be meeting it. 2.254 palabras más


The Battle of Cape St. Vincent

In 1797, the Spanish Empire allied itself with Revolutionary France against Great Britain, just as it did with America twenty years before. The British sent a fleet under Sir John Jervis to blockade the Spanish ports and intercept an important convoy of mercury, which was necessary for gold and silver production. 489 palabras más


Le Banquet des Victims

Let’s step back in time, to Halloween. And from there even further back…to 19th century France.

To put us in the mood for a spooky evening we hit the books and were inspired by a very particular time in history – just after the bloody period known as The Terror after the French Revolution. 512 palabras más