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Lafayette and the Beginnings of America's Relationship with France

America’s relationship with France has always been complex. France is our traditional ally, on our side from the beginning and our supporter in World Wars I and II and yet we often dismiss them as effete, cowardly, fickle, and untrustworthy. 6.064 palabras más


Madame Campan

Madame Campan. Photo source here.

This will be my first post in a long time. I am a school teacher and getting started with the year is always hard! 448 palabras más

How to create Marie Antoinette makeup.

In memory of Marie Antoinette’s birthday- which was on the second of November, I dedicate this post to her, to me she was definitely a style icon. 184 palabras más


The French Revolution

Hello. My name is Adeline Withers, and I am writing this because nobody else will.

For far too long we have lived in fear of what King Louis will do if we speak against him but he cannot harm me, I’ve already lost everything, So here I am. 24 palabras más