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How To Lose Weight Eating Like Marie Antoinette

You may recall Marie Antoinette from your history class as being the Queen of France who was beheaded during the French Revolution, or you may know her best for Sofia Coppola’s exaggerated interpretation of the late Queen’s life in her 2006 film headlined by Kirsten Dunst as the titular role of Marie Antoinette. 493 palabras más

El Paso 2019

A young, hateful, nasty, insufferable, revolting, and rotten lady

Elite, with their sense of superiority, who exploit

Through abuse and mistreat, – demons from the pits of hell; 84 palabras más

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Book Title: Julien’s Terror
Laura Rahme

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ Julien’s Terror  ‘ is mysterious and intriguing.

Book Cover: 336 palabras más


An Affair of Poisons - NetGalley Review

I requested an arc of An Affair of Poisons from NetGalley & the publisher for review. One of my dear bookstagram friends beautifullybooksy was reading it a few months ago, and it definitely piqued my interest! 539 palabras más


On Percy Shelley's 'Defence of Poetry': A Liberal Icon?

‘Poets are the hierophants of an unapprehended inspiration,’

These words written by Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in his seminal piece A Defence of Poetry  1.461 palabras más

Frankenstein's Monster and the Romantic Female: Sharing an Experience?

‘Like the monster, “woman” in a patriarchal society is defined as an absence, an enigma, mystery or crime, or she is to be a presence only so that she can be defined as a lack, a mutilated body that must be repressed to enable men to join the symbolic order and maintain their mastery.’ 968 palabras más

Envisager la politique au delà de la gauche et la droite.

In English

La multitude de courants politique de l’ère moderne révèle une profonde incertitude ontologique dont on nous a promis qu’elle n’allait jamais se produire. On nous a vendu l’idée qu’en rejetant la révélation divine, supposée être la marmite d’où provenaient l’hostilité et la division, nous trouverions l’harmonie sociale.

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