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"Ortega y Somoza son la misma cosa": Foreign PSYOP Disinformation Campaign

Lauren Smith

Disinformation campaigns from foreign supported right-wing controlled media create discontent in Nicaragua and hide its embedded enemy, the imperial United States.  The CIA’s psychological warfare program (PSYOP) makes traitors out of Nicaragua’s elite families, stooges out of religious organizations, and pawns out of well-meaning, but misguided, students. 1.627 palabras más


Nicaragua: The Coup Plot Against the Sandinista Government

Patricio Montesinos

The persistence of violence in Nicaragua, the delays in the Dialogue for Peace and the last minute conditions in the negotiations by the so-called opposition and the “mediating” National Episcopal Conference (CEN), suggest that a coup plan is underway against the Sandinista government of President Daniel Ortega. 496 palabras más


Nicaragua: Extortion, Dialogue and a Longing for Peace

Tortilla con Sal

Recent experience confirms that the Latin American and the Caribbean right wing, like US government, cannot be trusted to comply with agreements. That has been true for Cuba’s revolutionary government in its direct talks with the US authorities, for Colombia’s FARC former guerrillas  over government implementation of the peace agreement and for Venezuela’s government in the national dialogue with the political opposition. 1.136 palabras más


Who to believe about Nicaragua?

More than three weeks after the beginning of violence in Nicaragua, many of the country’s biggest cities continue to see chaos on the streets. The initial spark, changes to the pension system, have long been forgotten. 578 palabras más

Nicaragua and the Left: Between Pride and Ignorance

Jorge Capelán and Stephen Sefton

The recent article on Nicaragua of the Latin American Strategic Geopolitics Center (CELAG) demonstrates very clearly the strengths and weaknesses of the intellectual left in Latin America and in Europe. 2.793 palabras más


Dialogue in Nicaragua: An Inauspicious Start

Tortilla con Sal

The student protests of April 18th in Nicaragua were immediately hijacked by violent right wing extremists backed locally by sections of the business classes, the right wing Catholic Church hierarchy and center right politicians, long funded by the US and allied governments. 1.185 palabras más


Western 'Super-Revolutionaries' Hopelessly Wrong on Nicaragua

Tortilla con Sal

In an systematically inaccurate article from the Socialist Worker publication “the Bullet” reproduced by Global Research, Trevor Evans recycles familiar falsehoods and skewed interpretations of Nicaragua’s North American and European funded right wing.  1.939 palabras más