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Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala - you nearly broke, but it was more than worth it!

(by Freda)

Volcano Acatenango was a challenge we ignorantly took on with little thought which was the most difficult thing we’ve undertaken on our trip , and also – without a doubt – has been the BEST day of our 4 months of travelling! 793 palabras más

Destination Overview


OMG GUYS!!!!! My two favorite girls did a collaboration together!!!

As you can tell, I’m just a wee bit excited about it. If you do not know who Desi and Katy are, well then you better stop reading this post and go check them out on Youtube. 529 palabras más


Fuego consume casa en Aguada

Aguada. Las llamas de un siniestro consumieron esta tarde un residencia en Aguada, donde afortunadamente no se perdió ninguna vida.

El informe policiaco destaca que el fuego tuvo origen a las 5:48 de la tarde de hoy,  en la Carretera 411 interior, del barrio Piedras Blancas. 152 palabras más