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Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship (Switch) - Reseña

Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship es un juego desarrollado y lanzado por SNK en 1994 para recreativas de Neo Geo. Esta secuela se siente muy diferente a la primera parte. 1.272 palabras más


The Pitch Bitch joins Bloody Shambles

The Pitch Bitch will no longer be on a solo mission. In mid-April, she joined forces with long-time Indy Eleven-centered soccer conglomerate Bloody Shambles, which now is hosting the Pitch Bitch’s creative contributions. 833 palabras más

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Group C Preview, Some Frogs and Kangaroos

Welcome back comrades! Today, we’ll be going over Group C for the 2018 World Cup.

(Audio Version)


Nickname: Les Bleus (The Blues) (Most national team nicknames seem pretty half-assed) 1.959 palabras más

Soccer Weekend TV Schedule 5/26-27

With no more European Leagues this will be a basic schedule of weekend events,  and



9pm-Houston Dynamo vs NYCFC UniMas and Twitter… 221 palabras más


Arrivederci, Gigi!

Futbolun son centlmeni

Bu dəfəki yazını İtaliya futbolunun çılğın fanatı olan Elmidar Süleymansoyun qələmindən oxuyaq:

Təkcə İtaliya futbolu üçün deyil, dünya futbolu üçün də böyük bir era bitdi. 415 palabras más


32 down to 28: 4 World Cup teams to write off already

“The game is played on the pitch, not on paper”- is a phrase that every soccer fan has heard sometime in their life. The saying is completely true, as we’ve all seen surprises and moments which were seemingly impossible. 883 palabras más


The Greatest Ever: A Fan's Rambly Ode to Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon, the greatest goalkeeper of this era, in all Italian history and arguably perhaps even all-time, hugged his teammates, shot glassy eyed smiles at the Verona crowd and walked away from the game after 23 years, 17 of them with Juventus. 1.199 palabras más