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Otra larga espera.

Después de un mes de futbol increíble, de sorpresas inimaginables y memorias que quedarán para la historia, se ha concluido el mundial. Nos espera otra larga espera para el próximo mundial, aun más larga ya que se ha confirmado que el mundial de 2022 se jugará en Noviembre y Diciembre. 682 palabras más

Defining moments of the FIFA World Cup (PHOTOS)

Now that the World Cup is over, let’s take a look at the memorable moments of this summer’s spectacle…


All tournament long, English fans chanted “It’s coming home” thinking this might be the year they win the World Cup for the first time since 1966. 870 palabras más


Allez Les Bleus

It was the summer of 1998. I was in Paris. Eleven years old and completely overwhelmed by voices loudly singing anthems and popular futbol chants. Faces painted in primary colors. 592 palabras más


Madrid continues to be MY city

I was 21-years old the first time I came to Madrid. In fact, that was the first time I ever left the country. I am now 30 and Madrid keeps up with my expectations. 1.249 palabras más

Episode 15: Moon Pie Dog House

We’re not dead, chill. Sorry for the hiatus but shit’s been nucking futs in Track (Trina and Zack) Land. Also, Track Land is now a thing. 58 palabras más


Griezmann Builds Ramp and Emotes After A 4-2 France World Cup Victory

What a match. In a thrilling World Cup finale, France takes down Croatia to take home the gold. The most notable part was not the victory, not team France holding the gold medals, but a stunt by Antoine Griezmann labeled as “asinine” and “disrespectful”. 210 palabras más


A WC final to remember: FRA 🇫🇷 v CRO 🇭🇷

A TV broadcasting a charged match featuring the French national team in the corner of a bar; not football, it’s the 2007 Rugby World Cup. I never really offered much attention to the sport prior to then, but what the hell, when in Rome (or France in my case). 1.027 palabras más

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