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A Quote to Remember from Gabriel García Márquez

“I told your daughter that she is like a rose.”
“True enough,” said Lorenzo Daza, “but one with too many thorns.”

― Gabriel García Márquez… 6 palabras más

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Apocalipsa după Márquez și Stăpânul Inelelor

Gabriel García Márquez a susținut, în 1986, un excepțional discurs intitulat Cataclismul lui Damocles, fix la 41 de ani de la explozia bombei atomice la Hiroshima. 11 palabras más


My Feminist Sensibility vs. Love In The Time Of Cholera

Have you read Love In The Time Of Cholera? Have you been as enchanted by it as so many people and big reviewers seem to have been? 739 palabras más

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My son Andrew is currently exploring Columbia. Yesterday he visited Aracataca the birthplace of García Márquez, which is widely recognized as the model for the mythical “Macondo”. 47 palabras más

Two Cultures

Happiness Is the Cure

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.

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Longed to Know

“The memory that would make the greatest mark on him was his conversation on that first night in the office of the Rector, who had arranged to see him to discuss the only book found in his trunk, its binding torn and the title page missing, just as Cayetano had discovered it in one of his father’s chests. 74 palabras más