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Phoenix Talks: How I Got Into JDramas

Well, I wanted to better diversify my content, as well as better introduce myself then the rather bland initial description. What better way to start then to start with something not too many people start talking about? 899 palabras más

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GACKT April Fool's Gags Explained

I was late in seeing that GACKT had celebrated April Fool’s this year. Does he always do it? I haven’t really been paying too much attention these days. 834 palabras más

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Malice Mizer's original drummer GAZ has passed away.

Malice Mizer’s original drummer GAZ passed away on December 22nd due to illness. Mana recently tweeted about it via Moi dix Moi’s twitter. Mana and GAZ  used to play in the same band for a short while. 499 palabras más


The Air Moon Ch. 6: Jōgen no Tsuki, Part 0

It was a bit hard to keep my concentration up to get through this translation, but I’m trying to do like that one lady told Picard and “Never give up music.” (A gingerbread cookie to whoever gets the reference and can cite season & episode number. 2.997 palabras más


Mis heridas

¡Muy buenas noches! ¿Qué tal estáis? Muchos de vosotros/as —al menos de los que viven en España— imagino que estaréis viendo el debate de los representantes políticos que se presentan a las elecciones catalanas, así que, asumo, me leeréis otro día. 565 palabras más

GACKT - Journey through the Decade


I also included MegaAnon’s scripts in the second track.