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Gackt x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (DVD spot + details)

In a few days, this awesome DVD will be released. It features a concert performed by GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in the end of 2014 and where Gackt’s songs has got a classic touch. 71 palabras más


"2014 Kamui Gakuen de Matomena Sai" by Gackt (DVD spot + DVD details)

Now you can enjoy CAMUI♂GACKT School at home! On May 27th, this DVD will be available in stores. The DVD features the “Kamui Gakuen” concert held by GACKT for his fan club members in 2014. 118 palabras más


Camui Gakuen 2014 - X JAPAN version

Watch GACKT and the other guys perform as X JAPAN! (Well, Toshi is real Toshi! ^_-)


Artist: Gackt Camui (ガクト)
Occupation: Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, moviestar etc. 45 palabras más


Music Rec Wednesday: Malice Mizer - Regret

This is a feature called Music Rec Wednesdays. As you can guess from the name, I’m going to make a post recommending a song, album, or artist I like. 407 palabras más

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"GACKTracks –ULTRA DJ ReMIX-" - new album with Gackt

GACKT will release a new album in collaboration with some of the TOP DJ’s of Japan! Participants of this album will be announced on GACKT’s Official Facebook… 168 palabras más


Singer Gackt claims he was victim of racial discrimination in Paris hotel, handled it with class

Singer, musician and occasional actor/author/jack of all trades Gackt has had a long and successful career on the Japanese music scene, and also enjoys considerable… 559 palabras más