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GACKT - Kimi Dake no Boku de Iru Kara

Track Listing

  1. Kimi Dake ga Boku de Iru Kara
  2. Kimi Dake ga Boku de Iru Kara (ReMIX ver.)
  3. Kimi Dake ga Boku de Iru Kara -Instrumental-
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BAND PROFILE: Malice Mizer


Debut: August 1992
Hiatus since: December 31st 2001


  • Malice Mizer is one of the most popular and well-known visual kei bands and had three different vocalists during its active years.
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Just the most hilarious of thoughts – I compared Gacchan to a mochi. Looking at his aging body, seeing both the ‘now’ and all the previous versions of him that I’ve come by on photos and videos or in writing makes me feel the changes in him and his image along with the features that remain the same, it also makes me recognize the evolution of some of them. 214 palabras más


Neener Neener, My Culture's Older Therefore More Valider Than Yours

I can’t sleep. I think it’s because I didn’t drink enough caffeine today. Whatever the cause of this insomnia, rather than toss and turn, I picked up GACKTIONARY. 1.516 palabras más


The Air Moon Ch. 5: Moon Child, Part 1

I wasn’t going to update this until around Thanksgiving, but since Chapter 5 is about MOON CHILD and October is the season for vampires, I figured it would be most appropriate to do this now. 5.303 palabras más


TRICKSTER: Boys Detective Club (Episodes 2-4): Gackt-sama's voice makes me weak

I’m not quite sure what to write in this review. The last 3 episodes were kind of a paradox in that a lot happened but also nothing really (?) As in, nothing that really added to the story. 446 palabras más


[Diary] Once again, GACKT, and Yuzuru

Viết vài đoạn ngắn về sở thích gần đây nào ~ 618 palabras más

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