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Singer Gackt claims he was victim of racial discrimination in Paris hotel, handled it with class

Singer, musician and occasional actor/author/jack of all trades Gackt has had a long and successful career on the Japanese music scene, and also enjoys considerable… 559 palabras más


The Air Moon Ch. 4: Kagen no Tsuki, Part 3

Slowly we inch closer to the halfway mark of The Air Moon. Very slowly, as I will most likely not have time for this again until May. 3.935 palabras más



Gackt Camui (nama aslinya Kamui Gakuto) adalah seorang musisi jepang yang berbakat, lahir di Okinawa. Walaupun demikian, tanggal, dan tahun lahir yang pasti dirahasikan olehnya. Dia adalah anak tengah dan memiliki kakak perempuan serta adik laki-laki. 271 palabras más




Artist: Gackt Camui (ガクト)
Occupation: Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, moviestar etc.
Started his solo career: 1999
Birthday: July 4th 1973?
Bloodtype: A

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“Be strong”, that will surely be our promise

I am convinced that Gackt and his music is a huge part of why i’m still here. Quite frankly, as far as I’m concerned his music has saved my life, more than once. 227 palabras más

Sarcastic Sasazuka

I entered the Sasazuka Elise contest just to put my point out there. Given how sarcastic (and poorly drawn) it is I have no hopes of winning, but if nothing else, I’m amused. 356 palabras más