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Gackt Setsugekka ( The End Of Silence Review)

Gackt Setsugekka

Gackt is without a doubt one of the most popular celebrities in Japan.  He is a famed actor and a great singer in Japan and has developed a cult following all over the world.   452 palabras más

Kimpatsu Ikemen: Gackt tops list of 10 hottest Japanese celebrities with bleached hair

Bright blond is considered a bold choice of hair colour in Japan, but there are some who can really rock the look. 502 palabras más


Reo-kun trong MV ORIGINAL SIN của GACKT

*Cái post này để thay cho lời chúc mừng sinh nhật tuổi 13 muộn màng gửi đến precious little angel Uchikawa Reo.* 507 palabras más

Uchikawa Reo

The Air Moon Ch. 5: Moon Child, Part 2

Sorry if anyone following the blog got the draft version of this in their email; I was sleepy and accidentally hit “Publish” instead of “Save Draft.” ^o^; That version hadn’t been edited for clarity, and was missing the last two pages of this chapter. 4.287 palabras más


5 of Miyavi's Most Epic Performances

Ahead of his participation with “Asia on Tour,” it feels imperative that we revisit some of Miyavi’s most epic performances just to give concertgoers a taste of what they’ll be in for. 487 palabras más