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“GACKTracks –ULTRA DJ ReMIX-” by GACKT (spot)

“GACKTracks –ULTRA DJ ReMIX-” will be released on July 1st.
Please see more details about the album here!


Artist: Gackt Camui (ガクト)
Occupation: Songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, moviestar etc. 15 palabras más


The Air Moon Ch. 4: Kagen no Tsuki, Part 4

It’s Memorial Day weekend! While I physically did not go anywhere (unless you count repeatedly walking up and down the Detroit International Riverfront), I did take a break from all my usual duties. 3.877 palabras más


Gackt - My Playlist

Yay! So I’m here to introduce you to one of my old favorite J-pop bands (or rather artist), who was previously a member of Malice Mizer. 53 palabras más


Gackt x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (DVD spot + details)

In a few days, this awesome DVD will be released. It features a concert performed by GACKT and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in the end of 2014 and where Gackt’s songs has got a classic touch. 71 palabras más


"2014 Kamui Gakuen de Matomena Sai" by Gackt (DVD spot + DVD details)

Now you can enjoy CAMUI♂GACKT School at home! On May 27th, this DVD will be available in stores. The DVD features the “Kamui Gakuen” concert held by GACKT for his fan club members in 2014. 118 palabras más