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Now You Can Recreate Dragon Ball's Most Infamous Death Pose

Yamcha’s death pose is one of Dragon Ball’s—and anime’s—most famous failure meme. Now, you too can recreate it in Japan.

At J-World Tokyo, a great place for… 92 palabras más



(Before we get stuck in, I just wanted to say that my original intention was to have this published before the New Year as a surprise and adjacent to the publishing of my last list of my Top Ten Most Anticipated Games. 3.096 palabras más


The Wrong Kind Of Right

Next Saturday (20 January) we are having a Legendary Bingo Night in which everybody can play three or four rounds of free Bingo, the band is going to play some songs and there will be a DJ playing the wrong kind of right music. 409 palabras más


The Fall Part 2: Unbound - Meet the Companion - Nintendo Switch

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – Meet the Companion – Nintendo Switch
Coming to Nintendo Switch February 13th! The Fall Part 2: Unbound follows the adventures of ARID, a sentient AI that seizes control over three playable hosts: A Universal Companion, a reality-divorced Butler, and a mysterious combat drone known as “One”. 244 palabras más


What are we under for January 18, 2018

Last Thursday the following numbers played. ( tip ) Some gamblers use these numbers to help choose their numbers for this day. 

Play Whe

Play Whe

Free Game Test: Brawlhalla

I mentioned before I want to try to a free game every month and then post what I think about it. Here’s the first post of this installment. 177 palabras más


Incredible Cardboard Creations From Japan

Monami Ohno is a Japanese cardboard artist. Kotaku has previously featured her work, and since then, she’s continued to churn out amazing creations.

Her work continues to show an amazing attention to detail, while some are larger in scale. 268 palabras más