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Back at Work

I was going to write a post about how I’m doing on Level 2 of the teaching certification but I’m back at work and have spent the last week getting ready for the return of the kids on Thursday. 279 palabras más

Handmade Crochet

Proyecto en Curso: Manta Para Limón

Trabajando el borde de la Manta Para Limón. Ante la duda, añado 3 colores más.


Bavarian Crochet Sweater/Coat/Cardigan

It’s done! I can finally wear it when it’s cold again. I really like this one. It feels great and I’m happy with it’s length. My friend saw it and says she wants one. 214 palabras más

Finished Work

Crochet Mermaid Puppet

Deviation from the plan

I went ahead and kept working on the mermaid puppet when I should have been finishing up my lessons from my… 763 palabras más


Proyecto en Curso: Manta Para Limón

Progresando adecuadamente, ahora a unir los grannies.


Proyecto Terminado: Julia Cloche

Terminado gorro de verano cloche en ganchillo para una jovencita très chic!

Proyectos Terminados