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Crochet bikini WIP

I have felt a bit at a loss since I finished the fox head. The lighter and warmer evenings don’t inspire me towards making blankets and I don’t have any birthdays coming up to make presents for. 380 palabras más

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Fox head – finished! Well, it needs the hanging loop and whiskers but pretty much there. I love it, will be sad to give it away but he will make a wonderful present. 295 palabras más

Fun Times

Donald Duck

Hoy les tengo ya listo nada mas y nada menos que al mismísimo Donald Duck. Este es uno de mis favoritos (digo lo mismo con todos ¿verdad?) … 392 palabras más


 Crochet crochet all day crochet

So I finished the mouse heads I posted about a while ago. Unfortunately although they were nearly done for a couple of weeks I still managed to find myself frantically adding eyes and whiskers the night before my parents left. 405 palabras más


Cesta Turquesa

Cesta de color Turquesa.


Diametro – 31cm

Altura – 35 cm

Altura con el borde plegado – 26 cm

Cesta de la cuerda sintetica, fuerte. 10 palabras más


Animal heads - update

Quick update on the WIP mouse heads. I need to put the nose on two of them and the eyes, which require french stitch, I haven’t quite figured out yet. 17 palabras más


Crochet a t-shirt yarn heart- Free pattern

Hello world!

The last months I´m crocheting a lot with t-shirt yarns making baskets, hearts (as you see), I even made a carpet for my living room.   398 palabras más

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