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Coming to Colombia with Lina Yucumá

Recorded 25 January 2020 – Bogotá, Colombia

Lina and I sit down to discuss what this series is all about, why I decided to move to Colombia and how I ended up still here almost three years later, and what it was like for her growing up here in the turbulent 1990s and 2000s. 86 palabras más


Town & country expat life in Colombia, fincas, traditional food and more!

Episode #2: Pueblo & Campo

Take a trip with us deep into the heart of Huila department in the southern lowlands of Colombia. We visit the small town of Garzón, where Lina’s father’s family hails from, and traditional country/campo life is still very much alive. 267 palabras más


Coming to Colombia with Lina Yucumá (video)

To listen to this as an audio recording (having some trouble setting up an audio feed, please bear with me), click the following link:… 193 palabras más


Making Ecocide an International Crime

Why Earth Destruction is a Crime

VPRO (2015)

Film Review

This is a documentary about the late Scottish lawyer Polly Higgins and Spanish jurist Baltazar Garzon and their efforts to have the UN declare ecocide (damage to the Earth) a crime against humanity. 222 palabras más