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My heart is so, so hopelessly sad.

My chest literally hurts.

I told my therapist about just how often I think of not being here. From here on out, I’m going to be fully honest and I’m not going to downplay my thoughts or feelings with her. 508 palabras más


So Why Do We Do This?

The kids always beg us to stay up late on the weekend, which is comical because 90% of the time they will turn into Satan’s spawn.  99 palabras más



She looked at herself in the unsteady old mirror,

Why can’t she look from the eyes of her admirers?

Everything seems so wrong, so imperfect, so appalling. 103 palabras más


Security Breaches

For the past few years, network breaches have been on the rise at a staggering pace. Stop the hacker site reported the following.


Smartphone Misuse, Gravity and Eye Placement

There’s a thing that people do with their Smartphones that really irritates me, and when I witness this ‘misuse’ occurring, I always have a good moan saying “why are you doing it like that?”. 739 palabras más


Re-Purpose Bath & Body Works Candle Jars

Have empty candle jars?🕯️

Consider cleaning them out to re-purpose around the house! I’m addicted to buying those yummy smelling Bath & Body Works candles from Hip2Save deals, and quickly noticed a collection of empty jars forming. 313 palabras más

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