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The happiness equation is simple. What is most dear to you in the world and how much time do you give to it. If you think circumstances are not allowing to have this equation right, you are confusing yourself. 57 palabras más


Squiggly Tree

Interesting shape of this tree.

Photo taken 3-26-18


More BICA Sales and Website Update

Another BICA Sale

I won’t be at this one, but my book will still be available, and still at a discount. And there will also be several other books by other fabulous authors. 250 palabras más


Two Little Words

This letter is a bit different, since it is a “thank you” letter to the dearest people to my heart.

Thank you,

So much to say, yet words always fail me in expressing myself about this matter. 423 palabras más


Need a brand new wardrobe

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Need a brand new wardrobe
Hello MFA. I have been a subscriber for a couple months now, and have lurked here very infrequently. 238 palabras más


Malibu Lagoon Bird Walk Report April 22, 2018 Happy Earth Day

A beautiful day at the Lagoon as spring migration tails off. Maybe it’s a little earlier than usual this year. We had few ducks and shorebirds, but just enough for the edification of the ten or so new faces we welcomed to “our” lagoon. 250 palabras más