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Happy 4th of July/Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans

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Happy Fourth, everyone.

Honestly I just love fireworks, there’s something romantic about it all, the night sky, lit up by bright lights and popping sounds. Celebration. I haven’t posted on here in awhile because I’ve been caught in a loop called the nonsense of life. 366 palabras más


 Feelings: A Precursor to Hell?

Suhail Alhamady

In this social climate, emotional division has, overwhelmingly, corrupted the purity of reaching for a constructive, rational discussion, and ultimately an approximation of various products of thought, between opposing parts. 999 palabras más


What's Nutrition?

Ghaida AlMatary – Yemeni Dietitian

The internet will tell you various definitions of nutrition, let me explain to you what nutrition truly is. Nutrition is the dinner table where you are sharing how your day was with family, it is grabbing coffee with friends and enjoying your day. 621 palabras más


Mallika Bhaumik’s ‘How not to Remember’

Book Review by Gopal Lahiri – Poet & Critic

An Inward Journey from the Past

Poetry often reminds us that we are connected beyond words, and communication through poetry has the potential to connect dots in a canvas. 1.179 palabras más


Day 23

By S. Tonsy

Lockdown Day 23

11:11 p.m.

I make a wish from my bed, already covered and set to sleep. Writing in my diary is the “last” thing I do everyday since the start of this lockdown. 972 palabras más