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The Treatment

In the future, convicted criminals receive a genetic modification to their brains, then these criminals are released back into society. In this story, a killer, Craig Kowalski, receives the genetic surgery in the year 2051, and he is granted his freedom. 1.959 palabras más

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Scriptures on "Genes"

This weekly sub-series can assist your physical and relational exercise of 24 dynamics of spiritual fitness in Scripture that parallel physical and relational fitness:  balance, flexibility, initiative, partners, weight, etc.  583 palabras más

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Monkeys implanted with HUMAN BRAIN genes - with SHOCKING results

Scientists at the Kunming Institute of Zoology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences worked with US researchers at the University of North Carolina to insert human versions of MCPH1 into the brains of 11 rhesus monkeys. 16 palabras más

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How to build a butterfly!

The upper wing surfaces of butterflies are often brightly coloured and visually highly apparent (above), whilst the undersides are usually fairly dull and inconspicuous (below). Although this characterisation is a gross generalisation – there are plenty of exceptions – these differences between the two wing surfaces, do reflect their contrasting functions: upper surfaces are used to signal messages – warnings aimed at predators, or sexual signals between males and females – whereas under surfaces, are generally a form of camouflage. 1.888 palabras más


Highlights from the last day in Orlando

Today marked the final day of the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting in Orlando. As usual it was a great day for Physiology.

Crupi et al., from the University of Messina and the Universita della Magna Grecia in Italy put up a poster presentation describing their research on how red blood cells respond to environmental toxins. 215 palabras más

Comparative Physiology


Hello to my blog!

My name is Caroline, I’m 39 years old and have decided to start this blog about my life living with a genetic condition called Noonan’s syndrome. 109 palabras más

Creating a World with Missing Wild Types

8 April 2019

It occurs to me from endocrine disruptor residues in our bodies that we no longer have wild type genders in western culture; from pesticides, antibiotics, antiseptics, antivirals and vaccines we lose our wild type microbiomes and viromes, our wild type immune systems; from epigenetically active substances, GMOs and mutagenic substances and lateral gene transfer we lose our wild type genomes. 304 palabras más