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Epigenetics: nature vs nurture

First, let me start by saying that epigenetics is well out of my realm. I don’t know an immense amout of detail about it, and it is not my field of interest. 956 palabras más


The Ever Growing Field


Imagine one day in the future, you meet the love of your life. You both are the perfect match; arguments seldom– if never– occur, you have the same outlooks and aspirations, and you both are completely compatible emotionally and physically. 402 palabras más


How understanding genetics could shape future of humanity

Didn’t we all gape in awe when the first of the X-Men movie franchise hit upon us? Genetic mutation, extraordinary powers, special skills, straight from the world of fantasy, right? 1.583 palabras más


Gender and Human Identity in Dawn

Luis Llanos-Gomez

Professor Ann Zeiner

The Future

13 November 2017

Gender and Human Identity in Dawn

What are our biggest flaws as human beings? Are they our capacity for violence or predisposition to disease? 1.165 palabras más

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