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Humans and Neanderthals had sex. But was it for love?


In 1911, Marcellin Boule, a French paleontologist, published the first scientific description of the Neanderthal species. And let’s just say it didn’t have a lot of sex appeal. 3.661 palabras más


Blacks & whites

While having an interesting conversation with a friend, We hit a pertinent question which led to further discussion. Why was human development across the globe not consistent? 405 palabras más


Will height ever be a problem?

** In my sons case it has not been a problem due to him being over two feet tall. BUT according to information completed from the MAGIC foundation that people who have been diagnosed with Russel Silver Syndrome have also dealt with issues when in regards to height. 189 palabras más

Russel Silver Syndrome

Episode 4: Opening up the Pandora’s Box

A Chicago area biologist discovers he’s related to a world famous pop band from India! We were joined in this episode by Robert Sliwinski of… 59 palabras más

Just a comment

Just a comment based on what I’m studying now… Genetics….

I feel like humans will evolve in dismissing the need of anticodons when DNA is replicating, because I was studying my genetics; and the question that kept my mind running was: “If Amino Acids are dictated by the codons of the mRNA, why do we need anticodons?   119 palabras más


Missing Genes

I am seriously thinking that my children are missing a gene, an odd DNA strand here and there that helps with learning certain behaviors.  It certainly isn’t missing from  452 palabras más


A few days back i explained what Biotechnology is. And it is in this spirit that i see it fit to explain some the terms commonly used in biotechnology. 336 palabras más