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More pioneer family

I’ve just read a second fascinating account of my pioneer family history. This one centers around my grandmother’s great-grandfather Peter Franklin Clark (related to William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame, apparently). 771 palabras más

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Facts Don't Care about Your Feelings!

Success in current society comes from DNA, structural advantage, & sheer chance. The same for failure by dominant norms.

Fascists, open eugenicists, many centrists, many liberals, etc. 92 palabras más


The function of DNA tests

Having listened to a recent episode of The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry (highly recommended, btw) which deals with DNA testing, one thing in particular struck me: when the red-headed Dr Fry was receiving her test results, her first question was “Am I a Viking?” 955 palabras más


Are You Genetically Closer to Your Parents or Siblings?

Have you ever wondered if you share more genes with your siblings than your parents? Just how genetically similar (or different) could you be from your siblings? 13 palabras más


The new jellyfish genome proves you don’t need weird genes to be a weirdo

Humans get off easy when it comes to puberty. The vast majority of animal species, from frogs to ants, experience two or more different lives, with completely different body shapes, diets, and environments. 22 palabras más

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Colored Numbers, Tasted Sounds: The World of Synesthetes

A look into the neurological condition that creates blended senses

What’s significant about the letter-number string A2R4MNKWS7Y3ELFTB5JQDPH6?

If you said “nothing,” you’re partially right. To most people, this arrangement of graphemes (a term meaning “numbers and letters”) is completely arbitrary. 961 palabras más

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