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Scene and Heard – CCLI : In You -  Geni (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Faith is a very personal concept, music however is universal and it is the most natural thing in the world to use music as a way of celebrating your faith, expressing your adoration and adherence and spreading the word which you hold dear. 298 palabras más

Negotiating genealogy sites

I’ve always been interested in family history and joined Ancestry in 2009 with a free membership.  Since then, interest in genealogy has boomed and the landscape of places to build trees, explore DNA and find sources has grown to what sometimes feels like an untamed wilderness.  3.258 palabras más

My Sweetie Pie

I just downloaded this layout from Amber LaBau Designs and knew right away I wanted to use Geni in it. I had an awesome picture of her that just wouldn’t fit in the screen though. 16 palabras más


Hur går det nu då?  

Nu har vi hållt på med 3 övningar per dag i ca 2 veckor. Vi hinner inte riktigt varje dag men då gör vi fler övningar en annan dag när vi har mer tid istället. 415 palabras más


DNA Sale For Mothers On Mothers Day - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

May 8, 2017

Sounds great, at first to know your heritage through DNA testing doesn’t it? But, what can be done with all the information they glean from the test? 207 palabras más

DNA Testing Sale

Name-That-Festival Contest Winner is Geni Mack-Laurie!

Congratulations Geni Mack-Laurie for naming the July 1st downtown Williams Lake festival!  We will be honouring Geni with fame and special treatment at the downtown festival July 1st.   303 palabras más