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Avatares de la cotidianidad

Calma. La mañana es mucho más calma. Lunes. Semana intensa: no hay días de descanso en el medio como la pasada. Llega a mí la culpa. 539 palabras más

Lo que me genera el arte de actuar

Yo no soy esto, me repito durante el día. ¿Quién quiero ser? ¿A dónde quiero ir? Debo comprar el vestuario para la obra, el sábado ensayamos cuatro horas. 679 palabras más

Homeless High School Student Earns $3 Million In Scholarships [Video]

A Tennessee high school student has been accepted in to at least 40 colleges and received more than $3 million in college scholarships. But, what makes his story even more incredible is that he managed to do it while being homeless. 555 palabras más


Making records

“That’s an interesting thing that you just said, about like, there may be better guitar players, etcetera. That’s not what records are about, to me. Records are about that part of it, but it’s also the lyric, it’s the feel, the sound, it’s all sorts of components. 70 palabras más


PGA Championship: N.Y. gives Phil Mickelson 'thumbs-up' despite terrible finish

Phil Mickelson crashed at Bethpage Black this weekend.

The course turned into his personal Winterfell and Lefty finished T-73 Sunday in the 101st PGA Championship. 608 palabras más

Digital Edition

New York loves Phil Mickelson for one thing he hasn't accomplished in two decades

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. – For almost a quarter century, New York has rewarded Phil Mickelson much as the guillotine did French nobility. He has been cheered by throngs, worshipped even, only to lose it all at the end. 735 palabras más

PGA Championship

Phil Mickelson posts another weird video: 'As the putts go down, the thumbs are coming up'

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. – Phil Mickelson got plenty of attention with his Twitter video posted prior to Round 3 of the Masters.

He claimed he was going to be ‘hitting bombs’ and attacking the pin placements at Augusta National while also working in a… 170 palabras más

PGA Championship