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Respect Music Radio 375 Featuring Tough Love

Tough Love have rapidly risen through the ranks of the house scene since first crossing paths playing the London circuit. Their distinct, recognizable productions together with energetic and bass-heavy DJ sets have created a cult following of hardcore fans across the UK and beyond. 113 palabras más

Respect Music Radio

Lets Sing Vol 1

This will be a regular series of mine going forward.The purpose of this type of post is to highlight a song that I am currently into at the moment and feel the need to play out loud for the WORLD!hahaha. 176 palabras más


Gigamesh - The Music

If you are reading this, it means that love The Music. It gives us power, helps us survive our birthday and show us that the world is not a bit place, just for some hours. 39 palabras más


Fashionably Late Review: New Music Tuesday; May 12th, 2015

Well music lovers, New Music Tuesday has come and gone and I missed it. I was too busy earlier this week to properly appreciate Tuesday’s offerings but all is not lost. 407 palabras más

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Day 40: Morning

“Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)” – Fleetwood Mac



(Éste no es un texto reivindicativo ni una crítica. Es solo una crónica-reflexión.

Por si acaso)

Hace semanas que mi hermana pequeña había estado  como loca esperando a que saliera a la venta el último libro de Rick Riordan. 1.673 palabras más

Everything In Its Right Place: My emo 2015 resolutions

Admit it or not, everyone thinks about starting fresh in the new year. This year, I decided to come up with mostly immaterial resolutions and accompany each with a song that best flushes out it’s aim.  902 palabras más

Good Sense