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Discoboots/ Funky Nu-Disco Playlist

So, we can all agree that nu-disco has been having a moment, right? With upbeat sounds, infections beats, catchy lyrics, and obviously high-levels of groove, nu-disco has become a staple sub-genre in electronic music. 124 palabras más


Lets Sing Vol 1

This will be a regular series of mine going forward.The purpose of this type of post is to highlight a song that I am currently into at the moment and feel the need to play out loud for the WORLD!hahaha. 176 palabras más


Gigamesh - The Music

If you are reading this, it means that love The Music. It gives us power, helps us survive our birthday and show us that the world is not a bit place, just for some hours. 39 palabras más


Fashionably Late Review: New Music Tuesday; May 12th, 2015

Well music lovers, New Music Tuesday has come and gone and I missed it. I was too busy earlier this week to properly appreciate Tuesday’s offerings but all is not lost. 407 palabras más

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Day 40: Morning

“Dreams (Gigamesh Edit)” – Fleetwood Mac



(Éste no es un texto reivindicativo ni una crítica. Es solo una crónica-reflexión.

Por si acaso)

Hace semanas que mi hermana pequeña había estado  como loca esperando a que saliera a la venta el último libro de Rick Riordan. 1.673 palabras más

Everything In Its Right Place: My emo 2015 resolutions

Admit it or not, everyone thinks about starting fresh in the new year. This year, I decided to come up with mostly immaterial resolutions and accompany each with a song that best flushes out it’s aim.  902 palabras más

Good Sense