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Kerry Sustains Third Wound In Switzerland - Automatically Rotated Back To The U.S.

MFNS/ March 31, 2015

Lausanne, Switzerland

Secretary of State John Kerry was pulled out of the Iranian nuclear negotiations on a stretcher today after he was reportedly “bitch-slapped” severely by the Iranian delegation and then de-pantsed. 120 palabras más

Jonathan: Kisah Seorang Gigolo Muda (Lesson 2)

PERHATIAN!!! Cerita ini tidak cocok dikonsumsi pembaca di bawah 18 tahun. Tapi kalau masih ingin baca ceritanya, silakan. 823 palabras más

Jonathan: Gigolo Muda

Painting and Some Garden Work

The next day Lucius was working on his “Painter Extraordinaire” aspiration, when I got the notification that he would age up soon.

So I had him finish his latest art work and started redecorating the garden for the upcoming birthday-garden-party. 48 palabras más

Gigolo Challenge

Turning the 2nd Bedroom into a Study

To cheer Lucius up after his frustrating experience with Bella Goth, I turned the remaining second bedroom into a study.

As the bedroom is blue, the kitchen red, and the living room area yellow, I went with green. 79 palabras más

Gigolo Challenge

Remodelling the Living Room

The next day I finally tackled the remodelling of the living room area.

I went with yellow as the main colour as it goes well with the red of the kitchen. 186 palabras más

Gigolo Challenge

Remoddeling the Kitchen

I wanted to change the living room area as Lucius will invited more women into his house. But somehow I ended up changing the kitchen instead. 67 palabras más

Gigolo Challenge

80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode - Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Arthur or The Gigolo"

Whit and I discuss the pros and cons of being kept men with Alfred Hitchcock Presents‘ “Arthur or The Gigolo”.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on… 41 palabras más