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The Pintxos of San Sebastián

I lived in San Sebastián for a few months and I felt immediately connected to it. Well, with these friendly and open people, and in this city that has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to elegant architecture, quality restaurants and affordable bars with hearty food, great ambience and night life, it’s hard to feel otherwise. 987 palabras más


San Sebastian. Zurriola

This place is beautiful. The town is beautiful, the cobalt-blue Cantabrian Sea is breathtaking, and the beach is wide and pretty long. I lived in the town of San Sebastián for almost three months and Zurriola was my almost daily stop for whatever I was doing, taking pics, watching the waves, going to surf school or just staying on the beach and reading. 256 palabras más


Raquel is in the Basque Country

She attendes to the 7ª JORNADAS DE LA RED DE CATÁLISIS ASIMÉTRICA (7J_CASI) – 2018 (4-5th October. Hondarribia – Fuenterrabía, Gipuzkoa, Spain).

No doubt about she will also enjoy the great Basque food!

Raquel P. Herrera

Greeterren Nazioarteko Eguna

Greeterren mugimenduaren sortzailearen jaiotegunaren urteurrena dela-eta, joan den larunbatean, irailak 15, greeterron nazioarteko eguna ospatu genuen. Elkar ikusteko aprobetxatu genuen, eta greeter izatearen esperientzia nola bizi dugun partekatzeko. 83 palabras más

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22-09-2018 | DJ Makala | Atlantikaldia Festival 2018, Renteria-Basque Country

El Encuentro entre Culturas y Música Atlantikaldia celebrará su 5ª edición en Errenteria entre el 20 y el 23 de septiembre. Los cabezas de cartel serán… 48 palabras más


Segunda 'B' and Real Unión: Stranded in limbo

It’s a hot August Sunday and fishermen are casting their rods into the river Bidasoa, a few feet behind them on the banks of the water stands Stadium Gal; home to Real Unión. 1.350 palabras más

CAMINO DEL NORTE Stage 1: Irun-San Sebastian

Difficulty: Moderate, hard in places

Distance: 26km

Elevation gained: 823 meters

Elevation lost: 820 meters

What a beautiful start to the Camino del Norte and boy have you got to work for those views! 1.505 palabras más